Cato Institute: a shrill liberal poison swamp

"Core — was in one marsh frog. Catching mosquitoes and black flies, but loud croak. And so it took her life. " So begins the tale of the frog Vsevolod Garshina-traveler. A similar scenario extends the life of modern majeure "frog-traveler" — Russian liberals safely left the native "bog", who settled in foreign lands, and the croaking angrily to the former homeland.

One of these terrariums political "amphibians", vigilantly vigil all the movements of Russia on land and water, is the Cato Institute. Funded by Washington, Cato Institute is working on malopochetnoy, I would even say despicable field — the field of overtones of Russian and non-Russian extolling all that is western.
From slander eye zaprodazhnyh Russian liberals did not escape. Rather, slipping all the positive things in Russia. For example, in Russian liberalism is the ideology of a bunch of thieves who want to grab even more. In Russia believe that liberalism — world of predatory capitalists. They are always smaller than the common people, as it is very rich does not happen much, as financial resources are not enough. And the common people refuse to see capitalism panacea for all ills, and, according to the Russian-speaking Liberals, mired in the moral poverty.
And as for the staff of the Cato Institute has the perfect features exceptionally liberal ideology and because it adheres to a tiny fraction of the population, they have the same conclusion — a little Russian liberalism, and, therefore, do little good. Their belief that fathers and their great victories and achievements! That the words of the St. John of Kronstadt, who said that "the Russian people must understand that Russia — is the foot of the throne of God, and thank God for what he's Russian!". In his native homeland they see only goal for his own poisoned arrows. And these arrows fired by them in Mother Russia is already done.
The most recent gem of the Cato Institute — a primitive viciously lampoon addressed MSU professors Barsenkova A. and A. Vdovin for their textbook on the history of Russia. Biting the heel generally pro-Western grantososov favorite activity. Do not bite — do not get paid. And I want to live sweetly, in a big way. For the sake of the Russian-speaking liberal willing to slaughter his own mother, not that of the motherland! And now some of the "witty" (or osloumnyh?) Scribblers Liberals spit out a portion of poison in the Russian historians who dared to … (oh, horror!) Write the history of Russia without consultation with the sneaky Yankees. The Yankees have not forgiven, and given command of the "face" his faithful dogs. Muzzles removed, the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, sharpened fangs … and liberals rushed to the attack.
"The first thing that should be said about this book: it is intolerable oduryayusche to cramps in the jaws of boring. In part, then the fault of the age-old contempt for the system to a student who is obliged to swallow that he served "- read their opinion about the textbook stories Barsenkova and A. Vdovin. "… In the countries where the students recognize the human qualities like issushiteli brains have not spent a semester and teachers, they would be expelled in disgrace and get covered in tar and feathers."
Russian-speaking liberal if not tell lies, do not be a liberal. Here in this passage lies at rest on a lie. A list of hard-hitting for a liberal little soul facts about Russia does not mean disrespect to the same Russian student. Just the opposite. Let the country know who, when and where her dirty tricks for the benefit of other powers.
In addition, if and to talk about the "issushitelyah drain", this term is the best suited to foreign teachers flooded the universities in the former Soviet Union. I had to deal with some of them. The astonishing ignorance, arrogance awareness of belonging to the Anglo-Saxon civilization as a sign of a man kissed by God, and, most importantly, a holy confidence in the infallibility of America and its liberal theories.
Try and teachers so gently hint that it was not an ordinary Ryan broke the back of the German Hans in 1945, and the Russian Ivan did it! The reaction may be two-fold: you either agree to gently but firmly, or do not agree tough and uncompromising. But do not agree in any way! Another couple and tell fables that brave American cowboys — the true saviors of the world from the brown plague.
So about "issushiteley brains" Solicitor of the Cato Institute is best not to stutter.
"The authors are beginning to break out phrases like" Polish blatant aggression caused an upsurge of patriotic feeling in Russia "or the" powers of the Quadruple Alliance with gusto "mastered" the Ukraine, occupying all of its new "- read on. Is "our" (the quotes are appropriate) Liberals are so out of touch with the sense of reality (or sense of decency) that would deny the fact that the Polish aggression and the rise of patriotism in Russia?
Undoubtedly, the rise of liberal patriotism seems like an oxymoron, something unprecedented and therefore incomprehensible. The rise in prices, exchange or interest rates are closer to them than the rise of patriotism.
In the Ukrainian and Belarusian towns and villages you can still talk about the notorious Polish aggression, because people still alive in people's memory. But there liberals prefer not to look, not to spoil the dirty-gray image worthless Russia, which they so deliciously rough paint strokes. The attempts to whitewash the Polish gentry and present it as a command-timurovtsi altruists, who came to Ukraine and Belarus with good intentions seem to put it mildly cynical. However, as always with the Liberals. Therefore with joy and give them a call Polish media.
Today, attacks on historians-patriots are underway with two wings. First up in arms against the Chechen authorities, offended by the truth. But what about the notorious Caucasian pride? Or rejection of the truth from now on in the Caucasus equivalent of pride? A proud man admits his shortcomings openly and directly, without explicit and covert pressure on those who dared to these shortcomings mentioned.
Then he started the old hurdy-gurdy liberal Svanidze. He immediately podsobil yes-men of the Cato Institute. Was organized massive information attack on all levels, from all flanks. Russian want to make people forget their history, and consume a pseudo-historical surrogate issued for consumption Judases liberal society. For them, the book Barsenkova A. and A. Vdovin like nervous rash on the body.
After all, liberal homeland does not value. He sells it as a hawker socks. But most of all he cares about himself, and her right to "croak" of the "swamp". Every liberal dream that one day swamp slime flood the whole of Russia, and swimming in her croak could be anywhere and on anything.
I hope this happiness to our democracy, we do not deliver. Grantososam no place in Russia. And perhaps they meant a songwriter, a member of the fighting in Egypt in 1968 1969gg., Alexander Harchika when he sang: "The people of the Soviet, the sons of Slavs! Let not close to winning ways, today to prepare lists of the enemy pack, prepare lists! All the freaks of his native land: the villains slippery, low bribe-takers, not forgetting their dead, prepare lists, prepare lists! For our memory, in our calendar for our stars on the obelisks get tired to fight with enemies — traitors to the expense. Cook lists. "
Ilya Makarov
21/09/2010 00:53

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