Cause of death in the Krasnoyarsk zoo giraffe is not yet known

Official results of the examination into the death in a week of two giraffes in the Krasnoyarsk park flora and fauna "Swarms stream" will be announced no earlier than October 12, RIA Novosti chief veterinarian Park Alexander Pinchuk.

Male and a female died in a zoo in the week. A special commission to investigate the cause of death of animals. Previously reported that the park's director said a possible cause of death of a male giraffe heart failure, and females — stress due to conflicting relations with another female.

"According to preliminary data of the cause of death of the male Lavra became liver failure. Whatever happened to the female, while it turns out, go study," — said Pinchuk.

Six giraffes arrived at the zoo in 2007 from South Africa. Animals immediately became popular with the public.

The remaining four giraffes visitors can still see in the park. According to the director of the park, giraffes are in excellent conditions. He also expressed the hope that such incidents do not recur in the zoo.

Flora and fauna park "Swarms stream" is one of the largest zoos in Russia. Its total area is more than 30 hectares. In 2010, the zoo celebrated its tenth anniversary. Earlier in "swarms creek" was built by one of Russia's largest aquaterrarium total area of 4000 square meters.

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