Central Asia: close encounters of varying degrees

No one can be so close and peaceful as neighbors. But at the same time and so often the case, what exactly between the neighbors erupted so severe conflict that it becomes a prerequisite for breaking partnerships long years. Examples abound: it is divided into two parts of Korea, is Moldova and Transdniestria, Serbia and Kosovo, China and Taiwan, the list goes on and on. In the near future the situation looks restless and with 2 between Central Asian countries — Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It seems to be a long time sitting in their own chairs President Emomali Rahmon and Islam Karimov has long had to find a point of reference for effective two-way policy, but it is not only not in the new points, but also lost earlier tried and tested partnership.

Central Asia: close encounters of varying degrees

The situation between the two countries start-name worsen after the Uzbek side decided to stop the supply of gas to Tajikistan. This was the premise immediately stop several Tajik companies. With all that the Uzbek authorities explained that the supply of Tajik neighbors that Tashkent now decided to prefer as a general partner in China, which can supply large volumes of gas, and not waste your time on trifles in the Tajik case. Gas scandal lasted more than 2-weeks and led to the Tajik side accused the Uzbek neighbors that they deliberately done to supply the blue fuel to deny the dignity of the Tajik creation. In addition, neighbors denounced Tashkent that such makarom he tries to push the decision to transfer from Tajikistan Farhad hydropower dam on the Syr Darya. In the media there Tajikistan is another version: Uzbekistan is trying to put a spoke in the wheel economic Rahmon which determined to join the Customs Alliance.

But after a couple of weeks Tashkent nevertheless resumed gas supplies to Tajikistan adjacent, but a wave of discontent have been provoked, because we talk about a brand new steel coil anti-Uzbek tension in Dushanbe and, accordingly, the persecution of the Tajiks in Uzbekistan. They recalled that the Uzbek side overstates the duty passenger trains transit formation of the Tajik steel road. After the calculation of the Tajik economists found that the fee rate in 2012 years rose by 60%, leading to a sharp increase in the price of products imported by rail in Tajikistan. This led to growing discontent of the population inside the Republic of Tajikistan, the economic situation in which already can not be called benevolent (per capita GDP does not exceed $ 800.) Naturally, the pro-government media in Tajikistan warmed up the situation, saying that all the failures only from neighbors Uzbeks, who are treacherous policy for the Tajik people. Added fuel to the fire of opposition media, decided in full voice to announce that for the position of Islam Karimov is our homeland, which is so makarom pressure on Tajikistan to extract political and economic dividends. It really has become customary in modern politics: you can not solve situation on their own — made to find the perpetrators abroad. The main policy objective has been achieved: the very Tajik President was, as they say, unblemished, but the control of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation have received their portion of the Tajik rejection.

It would seem that the meeting in the framework of the SCO summit must return Tashkent and Dushanbe in the direction of real and pragmatic partnership, but a high-quality dialogue did not work and there. There have been very productive meeting of the Uzbek and Chinese delegations, Russian and Tajik, Uzbek and Russian, but that's a specific contact between Karimov and Rahmon failed. During the meeting, Uzbekistan and China have signed some 10 s agreements aimed at economic cooperation, joint efforts to combat drug trafficking, and cross-border crime, to promote cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. Karimov signed a document on the likely occurrence of Uzbekistan in the free trade zone. But the Uzbek side dared to send their own representatives to the SCO joint exercises "Peace Mission 2012" in Tajikistan, that will last until June 14.
The structure of collective forces include Russian, Chinese, Kyrgyz, Tajik and Kazakh soldiers. Uzbek soldiers in the combined group there. And Tajikistan regarded it as another unfriendly move by his own neighbor. But why Uzbekistan has decided not to take part in the exercises, as border security and in their interest, too? Official explanation from Tashkent did not come, but there is an unofficial version, which provides for the passage of exercises specifically on the Tajik areas and commanding general of the teachings of the Tajik Sobirov as the main causes of the Uzbek "no-show".

Apparently, the conflict between Dushanbe and Tashkent, despite the fact that both of these countries are in a variety of regional partner organizations, as well as remains unpaid. What is the real reason for his lies — is still an open question, but, apparently, all the matter is in obvious ambition 2-presidents who simply do not want to give each other. This eastern variant: how Islam Karimov quarreled with Emomali. Of course the fact that no real partnership dialogue between these countries talk about the measured Central Asia is not necessary. And this is particularly concerned in connection with the imminent start of withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. It is necessary to wait for what the mutual trading will continue, and the number of claims and accusations will only increase if neglect a situation.

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