Chelsea FC and Sauber racing team signed a sponsorship deal

FC "Chelsea" and Sauber racing team signed a sponsorship dealChelsea and Sauber now partneryNe press recently became aware of what is known in England, the football club "Chelsea", will work with the least popular in the "Formula 1" team Sauber.
This sponsorship deal between the British and the Swiss will be the first in the world of co-operation between the football club and the representative of the "Formula 1". Under the contract, the team should be selling souvenirs of his partner. As you know, the London club logo will be placed on the car of Sauber, at the time, as "Stamford Bridge" home arena "Chelsea" will be given a place on the billboards for advertising representative, "Formula 1".

To date, fans of English football is much less than the fans of "Formula 1", so important advantage for "Chelsea" will be that the deal will help promote this club in Latin America and Azii.Uzhe certain that the English team logos will be posted on Sauber during the Grand Prix of Spain, which is known to be held from 11 to 13 May.

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