Cherginets proposes to prohibit leaving the opposition

Chairman of the pro-regime Union of Writers Nicholas Cherginets sent an appeal to the representatives of the European public to protest against the adoption of the lists, prohibiting entry to the EU's own Belarusian citizens.

Author appeal stated that the motive was "feeling insulted a man who has always believed in the ideals that are often voiced by Western politicians."

"Error in the European Union that its leaders believe a small group of citizens of Belarus who are trying to take power not through their talent, labor, knowledge, active participation in the creative work of the people, and to blackmail, defamation of society," — said Nicholas Cherginets, adding that it is this group of citizens involved in drawing up the "black" lists, including them in the "unwanted" people to whom they have personal hostile feelings and want to settle personal scores.

As thelearned about the agency, as the most effective response to the Belarus' EU decision on the writer offered to make similar announcements Belarusian citizens who contributed to European officials in the selection of candidates, and prohibit them from leaving Belarus. "Should they suffer some punishment for slander against us and cheating officials and parliamentarians in Europe!" — Mykola Cherginets.

It is worth noting that such a threat was made some time ago from the pages of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" the journalist and political analyst Victor Martinovich. Commenting on the story of a journalist in support of visa restrictions with the EU, the paper wrote: "Mr. Martinovic, no need to ask and hard to dig another hole! And suddenly he, Victor, all of a sudden you get into some bad, and how to put it more intelligently," stop-list "!".


Cherginets, the ban on entry

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