Child Star — alien, or deviation in the DNA?

Have you ever heard about the found in Copper Canyon, Mexico in 1930 the skull of the "star child» (Starchild Skull)? If you did not know before, I suggest to get acquainted with this remarkable person, because 17 in his DNA differs from ours with you! What does that prove? invite you to read this article …

In early 2011, genetics, trying to play on the skull of the "star child" DNA identified four fragments that so3otvetstvuyut human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

Comparison of these fragments with suitable fragments of human mtDNA led to a remarkable total. In each of Comparative DNA fragments of the "star child" and a person with a lot of other nucleotide differences than those that are commonly found among people.

Each of the fragments for comparison, as shown in the report were selected segments of mtDNA, which were taken from groups of people, especially from the ancient conserved regions of human habitation.

After 167 nucleotides in each segment in 33 haplogroups person comes across only a single version of the differences. In contrast to the man with the same length fragment from the "star child" of mtDNA has 17 differences!

17 These differences are found to be more repetitions proved repeated tests. If further research will confirm the number of differences from the human mtDNA (which is very likely), it will be sufficient evidence to establish a new type of man.

In 2010, it was such a new subspecies of ancient man, a man can be considered Denisovskoye due to significant differences in their mtDNA from mt DNA of an existing type of man in today's time.

Introduction. History of the skull of the "star child"

The skull of the "star child" is dated as 900-year-old-age man, on the basis of the skull, with apparently no human qualities.

He was found in a mine tunnel near Copper Canyon, Mexico, in 1930.

Starchild Project is an informal study of a group of scientists who performs the coordination of numerous scientific studies, since its founding in February 1999.

By 2003, the project Starchild was brought to an end a lot of research to be able to see that a similar study science has yet encountered. At a minimum, the project offered a number of evidence for the presence of abnormalities and additional functions in the DNA that were previously considered unfeasible. It may be that it will be about, something more meaningful than just a deflection in the chain of nucleotides in DNA might be found a new type of man, who lives on the earth 900 years ago.

Formal studies have been carried out by accredited experts in the United States, Canada and the UK.

They included the analysis of the skull, the analysis of teeth, X-ray analysis, medical analysis, radiocarbon dating (C-14), microscopic test of the skull bones, with the help of technology scanning electron microscope (SEM), analysis of bone structure, statistical analysis, analysis of inorganic chemistry , DNA analysis and other investigations, explaining the possible environmental changes, such as genetic defects, birth defects and deformation of the skull as a result of cultural practices. (A full report on these studies can be found in the book "The Starchild Skull" by Lloyd Pye).

The conclusion of the experts unanimously differences in the structure of the skull of the "star child" are unique and can not be explained by any known suppuration or a combination of deformities, mutations, the practice of changing the shape of the skull, genetic disorders or diseases.

Today, if a person was born with physical disabilities, like a "star child", he could not survive.


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