China began to pay for Iranian oil in yuan

Agency "Reuters" reported that China was to pay oil that supplies Iran in yuan. This makes it possible to pay for Iran with these funds imports from China. It turned out that Iran receives from China Yuan for oil for several months. Currency from China arrives in this Islamic republic by Russian banks.

Recently, it was reported that India was also redeem up to 45 percent of oil products purchased in rupees — its national currency. Before that about eighty percent of its oil from Iran, India paid in dollars and euros through a bank in Turkey — «Turkiye Halk Bankasi». New Delhi and Beijing is not going to reduce shipments of Iranian energy resources, despite the strict embargo the EU and U.S. in the State.

Thus, it was decided to stop Iran's oil purchases. In this case, previously concluded contracts must be executed before the end of the first half of 2012. Press multiple times to report that, allegedly, the Iranian republic ceased to supply oil to European countries, but it is always the representatives of Iran categorically denied. These sanctions are aimed at active opposition to the nuclear program.

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