China found ancient phoenix




While Russian scientists are satisfied with the pompous academic (or not) the conference about the findings in Kostroma, the land of the human skull, "similar to Ivan Susanin", their Chinese counterparts found in the north of the Celestial fossils of ancient birds.

Bird, of course, very sorry, because, even though the local paleontologists modestly called it "a beautiful golden Chinese phoenix", the chance to be reborn, as does any decent phoenix, she did not have tens of millions of years ago. Fossils found perfectly preserved, and because of this we can now imagine how it looked the oldest flying creature on the planet. Length was more than half a meter in Phoenix, he had a short beak-mouth with 18 teeth on the upper and lower jaws, and the head is somewhat reminiscent of a triangle.

Until recently it was considered pervoptitsey Archaeopteryx was first found in Bavaria in 1860. The results of preliminary studies of China Academy of Geological refute this opinion. Chinese scientists believe that it is from the "beautiful phoenix" came all the other birds in the world, including an old Archaeopteryx.

Let us recall that about two years ago in the same China, was found chetyrehkryly feathered dinosaur that lived there for another 130 million years ago. Almost immediately, there were suggestions that these dinosaurs were intermediate between dinosaurs and birds. However, this hypothesis has not yet become universally accepted. According to many paleontologists, birds evolved from bipedal dinosaurs that run quickly to speed waved canard limbs, so eventually soared above the ground. Winged dinosaur run was much harder: Brakes feathers on his hind legs, so the chances of the flight was negligible. Comparison of dinosaur fossils chetyrehkrylogo the other day and found a phoenix can give paleontologists invaluable material for the study of evolutionary processes occurring on Earth millions of years ago, and to help answer the question, where did birds come from.

kkumulyator News, 24-03-2005 9:27

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