China will lose 18,000 sq km of land due to global warming

© RIA Novosti.  Maria ChaplyginGlobal warming and sea level surrounding China would flood coastal areas of the country with total area of 18,000 square kilometers by 2030, according to Chinese media, referring to the study of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the State Meteorological Administration of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The average temperature in the land of China has increased by 1.38 degrees Celsius from 1951 to 2009, according to a study. During the same period, the area of glaciers has decreased by 10%. Warming continues, according to the authors of the study, by 2030, the level of the seas surrounding China will rise by between 80 to 130 millimeters compared to 2009.
In particular, the level of the sea in the area of central subordination Tianjin grow by 76-145 mm, in the Shanghai area to 98-148 mm in the region of Guangdong Province — the 83-149 mm. The level of the Pearl River (Pearl) will rise by 2050 to 90-210 millimeters. As a result, China will lose a total of about 18,000 kilometers of land in the most developed and densely populated coastal areas.

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