Clashes in Ivory Coast city Duékoué littered with the bodies of men

Clashes in Ivory'Ивуаре: город Дуэкуэ завален телами людейMore than a thousand man killed in Ivory Coast as a result of inter-communal clashes in the town Duékoué. Employees church charity "Caritas" visited Duékoué Wednesday. According to their testimony, a district of the town is littered with the dead bodies of men.

Representatives of internationality Reddish Cross, who arrived in Duékoué, said that according to their data, in this small town killed about 800 people. According to the Reddish Cross, the massacres in Duékoué occurred last Tuesday.

The last Sun in Duékoué entered rebels supporting the elected president of Cote d'Ivoire and the international community recognized Alassane Ouattara. Supporting his rebels are coming against armed groups — supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo, told Itar-Tass.

Until nedavneshnego time Gbagbo controlled the southern regions Cat— Ivoire. Ouattara is supported by the northern areas, home to many immigrants from the adjoining states of Mali and Burkina Faso. In December, Gbagbo refused to recognize Ouattara's victory in the 2nd round of the presidential elections held on 28 November 2010. After that, between supporters of the two favorites of armed clashes. At the moment, the supporters of Alassane Ouattara are kept under the control of virtually the entire area of the country. Like-minded Gbagbo resistance have only a 2-cerebral areas of the country town of Abidjan — in the north of the town in the district of Cocody, where the presidential residence, and in the center of town in the district of Plateau.

Until the end of the 90s Cat-Coast was listed as the most economically prosperous country in West Africa due to the export of cocoa beans, the production of which country occupies first place in the world. Since the early 2000s, the political situation there deteriorated as a result of different political factions fight for power and control of the export earnings.

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