Classes in schools Yagodninsky Kolyma region resumed after the frosts

 Yagodninsky school district of Magadan region on Monday resumed classes, interrupted last week due to severe frosts, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS the region.

Since the beginning of last week, classes in schools in four districts of the Magadan region — Yagodnenskogo, Tenkinskogo, Susumansky and Srednekansky — have been suspended due to the extreme cold.

"On Monday, all schools in the district Yagodninsky resumed classes full. Susumanskiy in the area, which is now minus 47, students from grades one to four until you learn. Similar restrictions Srednekanskaya area where the temperature is the same," — said the representative GUMCHS.

He added that Tenkinskiy area schoolchildren on Monday will go to school, but in the second shift — from 13.00 local time (5.00 MSK).

"In the morning Tenkinskiy near minus 45, but in the afternoon the temperature will rise to minus 40, so decided to start the beginning of classes in the second shift," — said the official.

Kolyma management representative hydrometeorological service told RIA Novosti that the weather will be in the continental areas of the region for at least another few days.

"Over the territory of an anticyclone dominates, and while his influence remains strong. The end of February in Kolyma is quite possible frost in 50", — she said.

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