Comparison Altay, Leopard 2a, T-90

Modern army can not be imagined without constantly renewing military equipment and weapons. This also applies to the heavy armored vehicles. Many experts are predicting the disappearance of tanks in the not-distant future, but in spite of that the tanks sometimes play a decisive role in armed clashes. A good example is the war in Iraq, during which the U.S. Army due to mobility and firepower of tank units could rapidly move from the border to the capital. Often, there are statements in the media that the Tipo tank T-90, does not meet modern requirements for military equipment. The Germans say their modern tank "Leopard" is the best in the world, in a confrontation that has no equal, and that the Russian T-90 it is not a competitor. The exhibition of military weapons IDEF-2011, held in Istanbul, the company introduced a model of the Turkish Otokar MBT Altay, who must have the most perfect instrument and the use of modern technology. Altay almost all borrowed from the model Leopard 2A4.

Let's try to understand how bad the T-90 versus zabugornom standards that have similar properties? We analyze the main characteristics of the T-90, "Leopard", as the head of the players are also the latest development in the face of Turkish Altay.

Comparison of Altay, Leopard 2a, T-90

Protective system

T-90 is provided with sharply differentiated armor protection, which also protects it from falling shells. The main material used for the creation of the hull — steel armor. In order to protect end-plate with a tower used multilayer composite armor. Armour machine body has a substantially same shape as the T-72. More details on the booking are classified. Thickness of armor steel is the equivalent of 800-830 mm and 1150-1350 mm equivalent in the frontal part of the turret and hull, respectively. It should be noted that the tank has a weakened zone: Area inspection device as part of the tower at both sides. Apart from the classical armor and the availability of reactive armor, the tank is equipped with active protection and has a modern electro-optical complex oppression "Stohr-1", which takes self-guided and guided missiles to the side, because not everyone is a shell from the enemy, hit the target. This complex uses infrared emitters that put an obstacle guidance systems antitank guided missiles of the second generation. Guidance, which is done via an infrared tracer, gets a "flare", so that the operator loses the point of self-guided missiles. Looking ahead to say that compared analogues of such a system there is no defense, because in a duel situation nor the Turkish Altay, neither the German "Leopard" will not be able to resist or controlled homing missile. "The Leopard" is the lowest level of protection. This is associated with preservation of the total weight of the machine in the region of 50 tons. The level of protection was increased slightly due to the use of modern welded structures such as towers, and housing, which are made of multilayer armor and complex measures to improve the assembly design. Due to the weakening of your roof, the tower and the hull sides with a thickness of 700 mm equivalent, the added thickness of the armor in the front part, which is primerno1000 mm equivalent. The tank has a high-speed automatic set of NGOs and smoke grenade launchers, which are used to ensure the highest degree of protection for the crew in case of defeat armor.

Turkish Altay tank has a more bulky equipment in relation to the "Leopard" and this is logical, because the weight of the machine is 60 tons. A certain type of armor used is not yet known.

Comparison of Altay, Leopard 2a, T-90


T-90 is equipped with a 125-millimeter smoothbore gun 2A46M that has a barrel length of 48 calibres, ie 6000 mm. The gun mounted in the front of the turret, a twin set with a machine gun and mnogokalibernym stabilized by two parallel planes, with the help of 2E42-4 "Jasmine". Is systemautomatic loader. During the firing armor-piercing shells and cumulative maximum possible sighting range may be — 4000 m, in the case of guided missile ammunition greatest distance equal 5000 m, by firing high-explosive shells — up to 10,000 m

T-90 has the ability to create fire anti-tank guided missile system — 9M119M. When using guided weapons can be achieved probability of hitting the target, equal to one.

Adopted "Leopard" has 120 mm smoothbore gun. Gun barrel has a length of 5520 mm. Sighting range is: a motionless state — 3,500 m, while driving — 2,500 m Aiming conducted with the help of EMES-12, which consists of integrated stereoscopic and laser range finders.

Altay tank, as well as the leopard has its own armed 120-mm smoothbore gun, remotely controlled weapon module with integrated stabilization and 12.7 millimeter machine gun.

Powertrain tanks

T-90 is equipped with a diesel engine, which has an output of 840 hp (On some versions of capacity is increased to 1,000 hp), with a liquid cooling system in-84MS. These are multi-fuel engines and capable of operating on diesel fuel, and without loss of power and gasoline or kerosene. On the collectors of the cooling system in-84MS based special bellows, allowing to stir recycled gases with air, allowing you to not only make better operating temperature collectors, and reduces the enemy's visibility thermal tank.

Power system "Leopard" is a one-piece structural complex. The engine is a tank located along its body, and between the compartment and the fighting compartment is refractory wall. "The Leopard" is equipped with flex-fuel V shaped, 12-cylinder diesel engine model developed with 873 MB capacity of 1500 hp

Comparison of Altay, Leopard 2a, T-90

The behavior of tanks in military trials

On the military trials of new development tank Altay Turkish designers has shown good potential as a fire. After 10 rounds at a makeshift enemy, which is at a distance of three kilometers from the tank, got eight distinct hits. In the case of performing the act in full operation, the result remains practically the same — seven hits. Turkish constructors are confident that such characteristics of fire are among the best in the world.

According to the views of global professionals, there are analogues of the tank, which are superior in almost all of it — for example, a German tank "Leopard." As Altai, Leopard can destroy the enemy at full speed and is able to do it from a distance of four kilometers, which is a kilometer more than the Turkish model. Accuracy is also higher because of the unique guided missiles, for which tank calculates the line of motion and speed of flight, because to miss virtually impossible.

Range and precision shooting and Altai, and "Leopard"Yield to the development of Russian designers — the T-90. As zabugornye counterparts, he is able to destroy targets at full speed, with all this with virtually absolute accuracy, the range of which is more than two kilometers counterparts — seeking six thousand meters. Also distinguishing feature is the presence of over-strength armor. During the tests, the armor of T-90 fired from a 120-millimeter-and anti-tank guns.

From a distance of two hundred meters to the tank shells were fired 6, and then go on your own machine arrived at the observation deck. Then without repairs aboard the T-90 fired from a grenade launcher — armor is also not broken. We compared analogues of such a system there is no defense, because in a duel situation nor the Turkish Altay, neither the German "Leopard" will not be able to resist or controlled homing missile.

For a more comfortable, you can use comparison table

Tank model



Leopard 2


Our homeland Turkey Germany





Number of Crew, pers.




Length (mm)




Width (mm)




Height (mm)




Combat weight (t)





V92S2 V12, turbo-diesel, power — 1000 hp

V12 turbo diesel, power — 1500 hp

V12 turbo diesel — 1500 hp

Specific power (hp / t)




The supplies of fuel (L)

1200 +400


500 700

In store down the highway (km)




Speed (km / h)




The type and caliber of the main armament, (mm)

smoothbore-launcher 2A46M-2, 125

smoothbore gun MKEK120, 120

Smoothbore gun Rheinmetall Rh-120, 120

Armor (type)

cast iron, multilayer, protivosnaryadnaya, combined

Combined, protivosnaryadnaya, multilayer,

protivosnaryadnaya, multilayer composite

Ground clearance (cm)




The advantage of the T-90 without reservation. We note in particular that -90 the impact fire can be kept at a distance of 5000 m, Altay has only 3000 m, and the "Leopard — at 4,000 meters There are doubts as to be seen whether the Turkish and German tanks in general come to Russia during the battle.

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