Confessions of a contactee

Good thoughts do not come often and almost always unexpected. The idea to write what I offer you, dear reader, was initially good, and I did not doubt it for a second. And she came unexpectedly.

Bother me, I was able to present its lucidly.

I understand that the material is unusual. We are just beginning to get used to this kind of information. Until recently this was not published.

Beginning with the story, seems a long time. I will not look for her roots and start right from the middle because it further into me and very much is not clear.

Nothing in the world is random. Here are two such non-random coincidence made me a "contactee."

The first was that I otzimovav in Antarctica, returning home on the ship "Mikhail Somov." However, nothing in this was not unusual, but I could come back on another boat, and according to plan it was. Second — in that in the same boat in Antarctic expedition involved flight crew engineer Oleg V. He — contactee with the experience. in the expedition, by the way, was not going to go, circumstances made …!

So we met. I did not know why, but he knew at once! With it, I got in my way.

That was a year ago. Now I know why and how it happened!

Contactees now, as they say "divorced" many. But no two people have the same "contact". Everyone is different and the method of contact and the level of, and the information received, its subject matter, accuracy, specificity and a lot of nothing.

Actually, I want to tell you the story of his search, people search their past births (reincarnation), their fate in the centuries, and much more that wove this my job.

It started late last summer in a village in the ancient Pskov from the same small low table where now it occurred to me and I started to write it. But the work has begun, as I said, a little earlier on the boat in the South Atlantic.

I "get in touch" and my "respondent" on the end of the "line of communication" He taught me to understand his message. First I mentally asked questions as clearly as possible and properly defined and studied literally spelled accept his answers. A few days later I mastered — took not fast, but it is correct. Next practice in two or two and a half months, gave me "clairaudience," that is quite reliable telepathic contact at any time.

Natural to want to know who "converse" and I once learned to understand, ask about it. You can imagine my reaction when it was dead four years ago, my cousin. We loved each other, but, unfortunately, the living, he Moscow, Leningrad, I'm at my roving field work, we were able to meet infrequently.

I was lucky! "Converse" with his brother and a friend can now be plenty. Truth! …

For the practice of contact, we chose interesting topics for both of us, and one of the themes was our "common history" that is the karmic connections in past lives. We had one in the past there have been close relatives. Wanted to know the fate of others and their loved ones. and departed, and went …

I was interested in history since childhood, read a lot, nice to know this fascinating science. And then the story went to the living form. And this information, which will not get anywhere else, except in the "Information Space Space" (Supreme Intelligence).

You might think that all this is a fantasy and good, if not sick. So many and relate to it. But more about that later. The question, however, is not about my attitude to what is happening, and the reaction of relatives stood by me soon.

My work with the Universal Mind, I call my contact, gradually gaining confidence and momentum. With me had a different test. But I wondered why all of this and what is the point, and what is my task. The answer was: "Do not hurry, all will know when the time comes!" Something slowly began to change my attitude to life. Something prevented, I gradually adapted. Once that's what happened. My friends in the evening, according to some about it, I do not remember, sat a bottle. familiar to many state — drunk, talk like. in his company all have ten times the negotiations. I went to a quiet place and called his brother. He once asked me: "Why are you drinking?" I was confused. By the way, in life (in this world) brother not to drink alcohol rarely and with pleasure. I write this with the consent and even its tooltip. Frankly, all my life I was considered to drinking in moderation and not without reason. I asked: "What time to tie?" He replied: "It is better, yes," I listened to his advice!

It is not brought into my life more difficulties. But! There are times when I meet up with old friends, people eat. Talk "to dry" does not work, I still have to break his mind. I know that will have to answer for it, During the year, such situations have been with me for three times, but I believe that the end justifies the means. For friends can and be patient!

Recently I read a famous Austrian occultist Rudolf Steiner — "Virtue, that you want to force yourself has no price … While there is still a desire, it hinders the development of the occult and even if it is not satisfied. Doesn with whether an lust over the body or soul. example, if someone rejects the use of a stimulant, to purify themselves through such deprivation, it can help him only if his body does not suffer from the damage. seen if the latter, it shows that the body requires aphrodisiac and then abstinence is useless. In this case it would be correct to decline to abstinence and wait for him not to open more favorable physical conditions, perhaps even in the future incarnation. Reasonable renunciation in this case can be useful than the desire, by all means to obtain that, in the circumstances, is not feasible. Yes, such a reasonable refusal to yourself is better for development than premature violence. "

Even though I was ready and wanted to know who and where I was living was not the land before the first information has made me an overwhelming impression. Later I saw the reaction of other people.

It turned out that not too long ago, I was an English sailor, commander of Trafalgar Tender "St. Michael", was mortally wounded in the battle, and after a while he died at home in London, and was buried there, where were the ancestors of the old Lutheran Cemetery in Glasgow. Glasgow I was twenty-five years ago, and, perhaps, walked around. Not that I was not prompted then what is next?

Then there was even more interesting. Much earlier, many centuries before, in one of his birth I was Odysseus. Yes, yes! Thus Homer cunning king of Ithaca. And then my current wife was Penelope, faithful waiting for such a long twenty years. Her, and in this life I have had to wait months, sometimes years, for nearly thirty years.

Our generation will remember the current in the late sixties song — "Where are you, Odysseus, his wife, from children?" We tried on her jokingly to himself. And so it happened that in a child's son called me Odysseus. So this post I was not surprised, but pleased. And our son, Telemachus, now and telling me all this from our "mental world" a better world.

That's it! Believe it or not!

It turned out that my parents and my brother and his family, and my children, and other close relatives were locked in a close relationship to the ages.

But with such "baggage" I was returning home after a nineteen month absence, fourteen of which are held at the Antarctic station. Will they understand my wife and grown children have to be a big issue!

Everything went smoothly! Played a role is that it was the brother who was my love and respect. I showed our "conversation." We believe with my brother!

Here at home, I soon found out its vital mission. I was told that the problem is my "pastoral" — to give people "the truth", take them "on the way." It is no easy task, the more that are ready to come. Explain the "unfinished" is useless. The Bible says, "Do not cast pearls before swine." Come experience, the people themselves will come.

This year I was convinced — people looking for a lot. They appear on my horizon themselves. I've made many new friends, and most of them by accident. Fate brings us to those who need us the one we need. And many of these people I have met in past lives. This is how the Law of Karma.

I already mentioned that my work contact at any time. Whenever I ask and then answer. I ask, are responsible. Back in the beginning, I asked the question: "Is there a topic that should not be affected?" Said she did not have to ask about the future — do not give predictions, information about a person that can be used against him will only at his request in his presence and a number of questions that can be answered myself here, for example in the books. Can answer: "Honour there somewhere!"

Do not ask questions there — everybody knows!

I foresee a common question: "Why do not help in life, do not suggest?" The answer is simple. Suggest we do not hear, do not see, do not understand. Helps when we ask! Many people have heard stories or read that someone is in trouble, vzvopil to heaven, "Lord, help me!" And the help came from somewhere!

Think about it, you need a boost of spiritual energy, the cry of the soul, which is not of the mind, but in spite of it, from the soul.

It happens occasionally, when my name was. I feel as if being pushed into the benevolent. One day like this and called my brother and told him that now I will have to lead the other person is, the more experienced (brother is in fact still a beginner.) Introduced him to me and reassured that he is not going anywhere, and will, together with MA We were also on the Karma were tied by kinship, long ago.

I feel that I must digress and explain something. I set myself the task to tell here that this man, and what is the meaning of his life on Earth, and that is life in general. Written on this subject many books mnogoznayuschimi now known authors. I read them myself and happy that the time has come when all of this began to print. Read!

But still have something to say.

Life is eternal. But he was born in the physical (there is such a term — the manifest) state at a certain time in order to get a certain experience and then put it in a piggy bank evolution of Humanity. I agree — a common phrase, but I say again, I do not aim to explain all this.

When it comes to our life to die, it means that we leave the body, which has fulfilled its task. Then the "dissolved" on its plan our finer etheric body. Then went into oblivion our astral body (the body desires). We stay in the mental body (the body of the mind and thoughts.) This is our last material body. Next are three spiritual substances that and make our immortal soul.

But with the people on the mental level, I have contact.

I still continue to retreat. While living in the physical world we live in and all the others (other) worlds simultaneously. But our bodies are physical senses and our physical mind does not want to know about their own constituent parts. In the evolution of man has lost once this knowledge and ability, and has since been kept in the dark to my shame and misery. A simple example. See who can not read the letters, but they do not say anything to him. But it is necessary to want and you can learn. The same thing here. We all feel a lot, and we know about the people that something can, but do not want to ask and learn.

The practice of Yoga leads to learning to understand their inner feelings, state of feeling. Here the terms (words) are not accurate. Those concepts with words from our physical vocabulary is difficult to describe, not for them — our words.

Well, because, at the mental level are people (we all once lived there already), then they have a society that is society and its structure. And it should be a lot like our. In any case, if people — hence the relationship.

Me and this issue is not going to cover here. Read a book by Arthur Ford "Life after Death." It these issues devoted many years of his life. There is also a very interesting book "The Life of the Higher Worlds." Its author, Vail Owen was at the beginning of this century, a respected Anglican priest. Such famous people as Conan Doyle and Helena Roerich respectfully spoke of his work.

So much I retreated to write this. As for the change of the respondent (as I call it, with its submission) stated that "the Council so decide. This will be good for me." In fact, over the decisions of the few times I have had the message. And not one organization where we engaged!

In MA We agreed that we will continue in the same vein.

In September, it gets dark early. The village is nothing to do in the evening, and the oncoming day on Forests (in the year of mushrooms in the forests of Pskov was a lot, but all white, so clean) in the evening to sit quietly, but fun to talk to. Here we are with my respondent and talked to a half — two hours. A lot. Inquire about relatives I continued. And, it turns out — was, say, in a certain age such and such a citizen of the state. His wife — also from our now close relatives (not necessarily in this birth is a woman), children also have relatives. Still locked in a certain range.

Ask what genetic relatives and karmic close. The answer was — in general — yes! Then, after reading a number of books about this issue got some idea. The meaning is. After living on the "other world" a certain period, the right to reflect on the past life and other problems which are beginning preparations for the new birth in the physical world. Gradually collect "subtle body" of materials relevant plans, allied themselves in nature. That is, we are preparing the material is the same as in the previous births, because our soul or ego has a certain character. And then, having a "project" of man, the question, where and with what fate it was born and who his parents are. To address this issue, there are corresponding "divine authority."

Let us turn to the authorities. Here he is writing about this famous philosopher Max Heindel in his book "cosmogonic concept Rosicrucians." "The Descent of the Spirit like putting a few pairs of gloves increasing density. Mind power last incarnation awakened from a dream. This is starting to attract the materials of the highest offices Region of Concrete Thought, just like a magnet attracts iron filings. If you hold the magnet over a diverse bunch of sawdust — brass, silver, iron, lead and other metals, it selects only the filings, and even they did not take more than allowed to raise its strength.

The same is true for the base of the Spirit, which will collect the identity of the future man. It can not be taken from each layer is nothing but the material close to him in their properties, and even the material it can not take more than a certain amount.

Thus, the conductor, built around this core becomes exact counterpart of the corresponding conductor last incarnation, minus the evil from which people were purified, and with the addition of the quintessence of good built-in spirit.

Thus, for the construction of a new body (astral body — the drawing of the future man) material, given the quality and quantity of the four Beings immeasurable wisdom, which are the Angels, marking the good deeds and sins come together. They affect the reflecting ether of the vital body in such a way that the life expectancy picture imprinted in it. The vital body is constructed inhabitants of the celestial world and the elemental spirits so as to form a particular type of brain. Reincarnated ego itself builds into a vital body quintessence of his former life of bodies and in addition to this, make some more original work. This is to ensure that in the future life, there would be an opportunity for an original and individual manifestations of predefined past actions.

The fate of the individual, established by law Consequences (Carmen), is extremely complex and is associated with a variety of the ego, which incarnated again and go at all times. Even those who are incarnated once, may live in different places, so it's impossible for one's life or in one place to take all that is necessary for the future of the individual. Therefore, the ego is in a certain environment and the family, to which it is related in some way. "

Modern science accustomed, I start to organize. Paint fragments karmic tree. Fragments, because the chain is not continuous, born in different centuries and in different individuals. Combine in every one. Then tell it to your respondent. I feel embarrassed by the reaction. The next time you touch me say that the idea is interesting. There they took counsel and give good. At the same time get an explanation, any system, in any form, whether the scheme, the table, the formula it's not needed, since the system is needed to learn, and they're all already know. But they liked the idea and interested. Help.

Starting to get information. Information is growing like a snowball. Imagine, for a start took immediate family — parents, brother and his wife and children, his wife and two children. Go back centuries, to break up without going out of our era. All these people came wives, children, etc., that need to find their birth, as in ancient times, and in the other direction. More — more!

Take only basic information — birth and death dates, name, country, family ties. Obtain a family of two dozen people in five or six births and somehow bring them into the system. First tried to make a color scheme, then I realized that the colors are not enough, and better than anything you can imagine numbers. Give each person a number and bravely embarks on a previous era (before Christ). Habit of that symmetry is good, leads to the scheme — twenty centuries here, twenty centuries there. Now with the addition of up to thirty people.

But there were many more centuries. It raises questions of geography. The country is changing. Have to duplicate data to our geography. That's what! With the names of even more complex. Playing other people and sometimes cutting head (not the ear, I accept that fact.) You have to specify the letters.

Remembered. Warm tropical evening. I and my "Initiator" stand on the deck of the ship. Entire sky in stars. He tells me: "We're over there came to Earth" and points to a bright star — Alpha Centauri (Proxima).

Ask about it later, already in MA He confirms this fact.

Soon after, I see "myself" picture. Teleekranchik As the inside of the brow. Bowed human figure slowly straightened. I can see from the back. Bare back strong. Dark hair, long. Watchers Black Mountain in the distance. Because it appears the sun's rays. And I know that there sea.

I ask: "What is that?" Answer: "This is your materialize on Earth. Remember this forever! "

A similar response occurs naturally, a lot of questions. They told me so. In the early period of the coming era of evolutionary fifth race of mankind (our race), across the planet leading position occupied by representatives of a new race, the majority of these young human societies exist in a natural state. Only in areas where members of the emerging race appeared earlier and had time to adopt the culture of the peoples of the previous race, the civilized people lived. But such a very little habitable land area. But the younger communities had overcome this gap in the long experience. Was the possibility to meet representatives of various development fellow men, which could result for "junior" tragically. Such examples we know, for example, the European colonization of the backward peoples in the later period. Already had a similar experience at the Supreme Intelligence in other cosmic evolution. It was therefore decided to help the young mankind by sending representatives to it already highly advanced evolution of the other worlds. This was also due to the fact that the "margin of Monads" for their implementation in new people at that time was limited.

In the process of resettlement assistance and attended by representatives of several worlds. The main contribution made by the representatives of the regions of Humanity Sirius constellation Orion and the Swan.

Technique process is not very simple. Selection is not among those living in material bodies, and on the mental level, as here, among others, the issues of karma these people. Most of the "volunteers" were already at the end of the way of reincarnation, and realized that, having gone to the ground, regardless of the nobility of the upcoming program, they have a long series of earthly births. Raise these people before the plane on which they are in a "fiery body" able to make the trip to space is not difficult. The process of creating the world's astral body and its further materialization, passing earthly birth, more rare for the Supreme Mind. But he was then approved, as the most appropriate in view of a number of difficulties associated with genetic and karmic convention.

First, all of the candidates have been transferred in earthly life and all its security structures Evolution. Then, gradually, they began to "drop" to the ground. Work is performed in several stages over several centuries. District "landing" also had a few. One of the main areas was Africa. It was believed that in the southern and central parts of the human material of the most promising. It later turned out that in terms of survival and stability of this part of the new world's population met all expectations. But in terms of intellectual development and civilization, it was not progressive.

Part of the "newcomers" had settled in the Indian subcontinent, in the southern and central parts, where they met people of different races.

One of the major streams of resettlement in the fifty-first century came to Earth two thousand.

Please give me information about some of my relatives, who then landed with me. It turned out, eight people landed in Africa and one — in the Indian subcontinent. Got a date, place, names (taken on the Earth), the characteristics of the peoples to whom "we" came in what appeared as a people. Dates warn conditional, as the whole system of modern historical accounts of the time.

About the time a special conversation.

Stretched unbroken string of nine lives of the fifty-first century BC to the present. Further "clipped" the rest from their karmic connection with this nine. Latest to join in the sixth century BC. Previously they lived in other families of karma, it is yet to come. Resulting "bush" with interesting interwoven. Compiled index card with brief biographical information (about two hundred and forty of births). Painted table for ages and wondered what to do with it now. Very interesting to watch, I want to show to others. He began to look for people who might be interested.

Somehow went to the newspaper "Anomaly" and met a wonderful man — Ekaterina K. She contactee, and engaged in the wording of letters that come from these "crazies" from across the country. Talked, something to show her, and she moral support, and then brought to the people who are interested in esoteric knowledge. Ensued communication, interesting conversations. Is on the Petrograd side a "school Martinus" where people gather to share their knowledge, ideas, pozadavat questions, just listen.

Food in the subway. The case was on November 28. Back pain for several days in the blades, I do not understand why. Suddenly gone strange idea that Nelson mortally wounded, receiving from him the order to transfer the squadron to concentrate fire on the Spanish flagship. I see the familiar picture of Trafalgar battle, then hit on the head.

Get home. I sit down and write down all the details. Pain immediately goes away. Calling MA, read his writing. Confirmed the event and said that today is Leo's death. So they called me in the past birth.

Pushes me — write!

I've always had, as they say, a light pen. The letter write that note to the wall newspaper, or a report on the expedition, or a research paper. Worked. And I started writing poetry at the age of thirty years, suddenly somehow. I wrote quite a lot for themselves and "domestic consumption." Some even think it quite good. After forty-five once passed.

And here, as a lot going on with me in the last year, sat down and began to write as a recent appearance on his or her world. The details, with reflections, for three or four Crouch described his entire first day of the "appearance" before coming to the people. I came to find them.

While writing, the state of joy and strength. Saber-toothed tiger here — running like a kitten. Put the last point — the emptiness, like a pit collapsed, and do not want to get out.

Read the writing, MA By the way, they're three of me talking — MA, brother and my father. They have a friendly company associated karma for many centuries. My father has his own job. But in our conversations he participates "without the right to vote." So we MA each other, "hear", and his father only through him or his brother can communicate, he needs a "translator."

Praised. They say: "Write on, remember their other lives."

Looked at his table. Somewhat interested third life. I now rely heavily on intuition. Suggest something or someone, "Go there!" Coming! And then the same thing! But information poor. On the islands in the Indian Ocean was, rather, was (because it was a woman), the leader of the tribe. They had a matriarchy. is the forty-eighth century BC. Name — Blue. And that's all I ask, "Give details of tribal life — life, habits, occupation, beliefs, etc." Dali. Day or poperevarival and matured write.

That's how it is with me and going. If print anyone can read. For four of the plot is. I want to publish a collection called, say, "Memories of past lives." Ah!

A meeting with interesting people continues.

The newspaper "Anomaly" on duty schedule consultants on various issues. Question "ancient mysteries", the ad says, is engaged V.P.Babanin. I'm not just old, but the puzzle, and there are clues to something, and what not, it is possible to find. No problem. Almost!

Acquainted with Vladimir Petrovich, exchanging pleasantries and phones. It's that time occupied ancient Egypt — the pyramids, pharaohs and their riddles. And there, do not touch that, a mystery. When we parted, he asked me: "Can not you find out there in life Tutankhamun?"

By the way, my parents are in the very early births lived in Egypt. My mother was a pharaoh and his father (her) wife. Eternal confusion turns to childbirth!

Home in the evening asking. A: 1385 — 1357 years BC "… Something with the arithmetic of discord! I remember from my school days, he died (he right?) Pharaoh at nineteen. Wondering what's up? Answer might puzzle anyone. "He died not. Poisoned his twin. Found mummy — double. A Tutankhamun lived in hiding, eight years old, and yet he was found and was poisoned."

I called Babanine dumbfounded by his response. He takes it very emotional. After half an hour call. Vladimir calmly said to me: "You know, because I had information that is not so, according to the story, but I did not give it a value!"

We did not know him yet, where is all this time!

Later we met with Vladimir Petrovic, allowed some of the issues of mutual interest. He showed me what he writes. At the time he was prepared to publish a book and completing the other about ancient Egypt. Then he invited me to try to make a list of all the Egyptian pharaohs. And they do not know how many.

I decided to try.

Everything was more difficult than I could have imagined. With two difficulties I had met in his previous work. The first is the date, the second — the names. Numerical information obtained complex text. The names of some easier — you can take the letters. Although there are different interpretations of the various authors of historical works. Characters can not always give a clear reading. The more I wanted to reduce the possibility of such distortion to a minimum.

Three years ago, when I started to appear interesting literature, I bought two different textbooks on ancient history for universities. Just out of curiosity. Read and placed in the closet. Again, make sure that nothing happens by accident. Everything has its hidden beyond our control. Now to me these books are very useful. I climb into the cabinet. I read. Book two … These dates are different names of pharaohs just something, you can count on the fingers, and they are not written the same way, the events are treated differently.

The first that I received, the date of the life of the founder of the first dynasty of Manes throw his life almost a thousand years into the past. Well, at least the fact of his life, is confirmed.

Agree with MA — It gives me the dates of birth and death, names given at birth. With the accession to the throne of Pharaoh was made to take the throne name. History knows, basically, only those names. It was possible to identify some of the names.

Division into dynasties in history adopted the so-called Manefonovskomu list. It is rather arbitrary, but I stick with it.

In general, a month and a half managed to deal with twenty-six dynasties. With a time of dating and my book came together, and then the general is almost always the same. But here on the conquest of Egypt Achaemenids I stopped. Further strength is not enough. I guess not as long.

Recently, I have added to this list of data on pre-dynastic period, of which there are no data. There is a science "reticulation Normera" from which it is known that up to the first dynasty of pharaohs were. Yes, they were. Troy. And it is not by force to unite the country in a single state. Life caused people to combine their efforts to survive. Quarrel and fight people were later . at least in Egypt, it was so!

With that, until finished. Can be stopped.

Vladimir offered to attach this list to his book. On that and decided to do. It is hoped that it would be published. I do not know how to treat this list representative of our historical science, if they see and read this book. As they say, wait and see!

Then somehow the conversation we were talking about how Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt. Say when it happened. The answer is simple — in 1478 BC And Schure — 1330 approximately. And Pharaoh, accordingly, Ramses II. Look in the Bible. And there is in fact no dates, no name of the pharaoh! Started asking questions, and I politely reply, "Stop, this is another big issue.'s Not your" All clear! Many questions are many, life is not enough for all. A pity!

The fate of Tutankhamun I still haunted. In a conversation with M. said that there is the idea of writing a story about this pharaoh. No claim to historical research, but without lying. He gave good!

Well, it is not immediately done, it is necessary to tune. And then, suddenly, is calling. She says that I can get information directly from the descriptive information space. Like, he is a mediator and get all the same information to me only that I resolved. There, too, have their "stuff." I can get it myself. Allowed. This to me is more convenient, less direct interference and overlap. Need only articulate a request. I asked how Pharaoh's palace was constructed in Akhet-Aten, who in those long ago wiped out what was the halls and chambers of the device looked like a throne and throne room, what was the ceremony, and much more. So in the story this is not a figment of my imagination. characters and their names, too, from the same source. Two weeks of heavy work have been my happiest time.

Home show, already used, in general, approve of, but with the question of who needs it and interesting.

I am interested in how it is "readable". Decided to show people competent. We have a lady in the club — philologist and linguist, working in the Public Library. Man certainly literate. And in our "things" too. I did it recently gave "dedication" in contactees. Works great, praised the curators there. Gave her a story. A few days later I called her. She answers my question in passing, and talks about her. Meaning the one that started to read, and how to plunged back or left, it is difficult to find the right word. And then, almost frightened, said asked my respondents, what's wrong, and he told her replies: "So this is about you!"

I immediately ask my MA He confirms. In, case! And then I think: "So what, if I was Odysseus, why not it be Tutankhamun?" Once, by the way, they at one time.

I ask now the wife of Tutankhamun Kia. And it turns out, was already familiar to you, the reader, Ekaterina!

So. Further. Their daughter, Bumush, which history says nothing at all — my great-nephew, the son of my brother-respondent.

Then ask if there was any connection to me at that time, Vladimir. Yes! We fought together with him at Troy, were friends. He was then a squad leader Dorians.

Information nephew leads me to believe that that my table requires. It was based only on one line, was taken only my relatives, however, and there were three relatives of my wife. Still, the last version was from nine people who came in one thread from Alpha Centauri (Proxima). But I already know that my three so often mentioned here comrades were also in the group of "aliens." This Galina (Tutankhamun) and Ekaterina and Vladimir. Women hit the Indian subcontinent, we VP — in Africa. Basically "aliens" came to earth men. Know of only one case where the "alien" was the Goddess.

Look over their next birth. There are karmic ties with my family, before that time. When they joined the "our family." I am taking this term — "karmic family 'probation. Another not figured out yet, but maybe this is enough suitable. I notice an interesting feature. All "planted" in India in the third or fourth birth appeared in Egypt.

Transpired is another interesting fact. One of the representatives of the "neighbor of the family", which also has ties, too, "the stranger", but from another thread, which came from the Sirius system in the fifty-fifth century BC, and also in Africa to the wild tribes and became their leader, in the following births dropped to the level of "ordinary plain savage." It can be assumed that not all such implementation has shown positive results, and maybe he should not be immediately apparent, and who knows what's the plan with the Supreme Mind.

And my table will expand. There is something else to be?

So why we are gathered here together?!

A careful analysis of the resulting material of so many births for so many centuries, we can get an interesting picture. Those who were sent to Earth in the fifty-first century BCE (it is not only the flow of migration), move through the centuries in different countries in order. There is a stream that carries a certain task. It must be remembered that the existing material is a small part of the process.

Comparing the historical circumstances at certain times in certain parts of the earth, we can see that the concentration of such births are always at the places and times of social change. An example is Egypt, which played a huge role in the formation of Mediterranean civilization. No wonder the first dynasty of pharaohs were considered divine. These dynasties representation descendants "Aliens", which I have data considerably. You can assume that the rest of the early dynasties of the same origin. Then Greece, Rome, Byzantium and the countries of Eastern Europe, finally, the extraordinary concentration of births in the twentieth century in Russia. Moreover, in Russia this century were born all who have come to Earth in the fifty-first century (from my list), and those who joined them in the journey of life. This is no accident. Here now is squeezing and concentration of many social and, most importantly, the spiritual energy that will bring all earthly humanity and our entire planet into a new path of development. This is clear and uninitiated in the mysteries of existence. And the sooner these secrets will become available to a wide range of people, the sooner will the normalization of social and spiritual development.

Therefore, we here today. Who better to carry this light!

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