Construction of underwater drones will start after 2020

General Command of the Russian Navy plans after 2020 year to move to the serial construction of autonomous underwater unmanned and offshore boats, told journalists in chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

"After the 2020 You can predict the transition to large-scale construction of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV) and sea mechanized systems, development of a special bottom equipment deployed to a greater extent with underwater vehicles, different nomenclature and purpose, "- said Teals reporters in Moscow, summing up the year.

According to him, in the second stage of development (2021 to 2030) means a complete development and to adopt an instrument on new physical principles, promising to standards of armament Navy general purpose next generation.

During this period, armament naval aviation must be received by the ship's radar patrol aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles ship-based and promising aviation set of naval aviation.

"This will be a transition period to optionally-manned aircraft, including the use of modern manned aircraft systems and aircraft carried a substitution of an old aircraft fleet of promising functional standards of aircraft and weapons, including unmanned aerial vehicles," — said Commander in Chief.

In the second step of the coastal troops planned for the creation and adoption armament highly mobile amphibious combat vehicle for action sea infantry in all regions and weather criteria, including in the Arctic zone, the establishment of mechanized warfare platforms sea infantry, armed with an instrument based on new physical principles, using different sources of energy to run the motor.

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