Contact with aliens of absurdity

One of the features of the UFO phenomenon is the apparent inconsistency, the absurdity of its manifestations. Most of the evidence collected over the past few years, like a vision of mentally ill people.

UFO study finds "inhuman" or, more correctly, the "superhuman" level of thinking was behind the UFO phenomenon. From the point of view of the people, this is often superhuman character of absurdity.

Absurdity, and sometimes ridiculous developments in sexual encounters with the pilots of UFOs become visible only later, when they are sober analysis. The direct contact with themselves and no one can not think of going to call absurd. I have not thought about it, and 42-year-old American Noel Harper, whose vehicle has been "attack" discoid UFO …

Late on April 18, 2002 Harper was driving on a deserted highway in the state of New Mexico. Suddenly from the dark disk of rocks flew 15 feet in diameter. At first he was attached to the tail of the car, then hovered over him. Harper felt that the wheels have come off the highway and the car flew. Soon, she hit the roof on the bottom of the object. It looked as if it drew her to him as a strong magnet. The object continued to rise in the air, along with the car.

Scared driver noticed the object was separated from the dark figure, swam to the car and suddenly appeared in the cabin. How — Harper could not understand. He was sure that the door would not open. Perhaps the figure of the "leaked" through it.

Harper learned to figure his wife, Sally, who was in Florida. She stared at him as if he did not recognize, and then asks: "Where did you get that outfit?" Struck question, he did not know what to say. Sally, or being, assumed the form of Sally continued to try to find a sharp shrill voice, like the voice of his wife: "Where have you taken a suit? Where did you get? Answer fast! "Harper first remained silent, and then shouted," I bought it, bought it! Bought it! "" Sally "stuck to his guns:" Where a suit? "-" Tell me, where are we going? — Said Harper. — I can not go down! We'll crash! "But" wife "repeated like clockwork:" Where a suit? Where did you get a suit? "

Finally exasperated Harper sent her to hell. This is surprising in vain. "Wife," not changing his sitting posture, slowly took off straight up and leaked through the roof of the car. First in the roof of her head left, then upper body, then his legs.

Harper did not have time to take a breath, like a roof leaned her head and said, "Suit where did?" Receiving no answer, strange creature finds itself locked in the ceiling again, this time for good. UFO has fallen sharply, Harper parked on the ground, and then quickly flew away.

Later it turned out that Harper in his car moved to 115 miles from the place where he met with a UFO. Such a short time his car could not make the journey on the road. In addition, on top of the car showed signs of melting and dents.

Marcus and holy hell

Prior to the "era of the UFO" phenomenon often wore religious. Aware of mimicry, which very often use the newcomers, we can assume that they appear in the form of angels and luminous humanoid beings makes people admire and view as a meeting with the divine power, and the appearance in the form of dwarfs, hairy monsters, etc. — fear and submission as a meeting with evil spirits. "Evil Spirit" when meeting people behaved quite absurd. But the absurdity is often displayed and "angelic" nature.

Preserved information about the appearance of the eighteenth century in the north-east of Sweden, a certain luminous figure, in which the people of St. Marcus admitted. It is sometimes seen at dusk wandering along roads or sitting high in a tree, and when the people gathered at the bottom, the holy disappeared, melting into the air. Sometimes at night, he looked into the windows of the houses, and the interior was lit up dark rooms glow emanating from him. One late summer evening, passersby saw a beam of light, which rises straight up out of a large tube of one of the buildings in Kiruna. When up on the roof chimney sweeps who gathered to examine the pipe, it suddenly emerged from St. Marcus, opened his arms in a gesture of blessing, and, without changing his position, soared upward and disappeared. What he did in the tube — remains unclear.

Yet clear behaved "devils." In the Krasnoyarsk Territory folklorists recorded folk legend about how the end of the nineteenth century "Devil's henchmen" several nights terrorized the population of the village. Two or three "black" people have it in one house, then another, and the doors and windows in the houses were tightly closed. Looked "devils" eerily all entirely black, six feet tall, stooping, all faces are brutal, eyes large, luminous and seemingly closed leukomas. Approach people, grabbed them by the arms and dragged along. What is striking from them could fight off a prayer or cross. In some cases, people just push them away. At that point, the Giants proved to be surprisingly light from low-energy shock flew a few feet and hit the wall. And this despite the fact that the power they had, such that when they seized the hand, sometimes crushed bones and is almost always on hand were bruised. In one hut giant elbow ruined furnace. Anyone for an ultimately "utyanuv", "devils" disappeared as inexplicably as they had appeared.

Aliens forced fishermen to eat a loaf of bread

Examples of apparent absurdity of the phenomenon are numerous. Every good reports about UFOs and aliens is almost always possible to find one or two absurd details.

In 1989, Stanislav K. fisherman spent the night on the bank of a pond in the Orel region, in the "voluntary-compulsory" order invited to their ship some white-skinned "people," an increase of about two and a half meters. The ship looked like a silver metallic ellipse about eight feet long. Stanislav took with him a bag of provisions, believing that his visit to the strange "astronauts" may be delayed. They immediately interested in a backpack. Already on the way to the ship began to ask what lies there. Once on the ship, on the orders of Stanislav aliens got out of the bag a loaf of black bread, and began to show, as it is eaten. For a while, the aliens were watching him, then asked, from which bread is made and how it is made. Stanislaus brought to the screen in which he saw himself as in X-ray photography: it was seen as pieces of bread, which he swallowed, pass on his esophagus.

Further show the men nightmare. He's got the belly and the stomach is not digested lumps of bread. Then in the room appeared undersized humanoid moving on all fours. Stanislav somehow decided that this mutant. Mutant were fed bread extracted from the stomach of Stanislaus. Stanislaw then ordered to eat up a loaf to the end. As the bread held in his esophagus and into the stomach, he was removed from there and passed mutant aliens. That these leavings greedily devoured.

When Stanislav ate all the bread, cut open the stomach as aliens and mutants took out half-digested grain gruel and put it under his nose, Stanislav, offering a taste. At the same time he was given to understand that it makes a very big favor. He refused. Stanislav awoke on the beach — the same place as the night went. From the aliens and their ship just Lel later years.

In the house of lords Rojas frolic dwarfs

Late summer evening in 2009 stunted humanlike humanoid gray-fitting overalls appeared in the house of an elderly Argentine Orazio Rojas. Almost an hour they did with the helpless housewife and being in the house objects unimaginable things.

So, they took out of its socket seniors Rojas eyes and took turns "try" it on. They penetrated into the TV is turned on which was some kind of transfer. However, their images appear on the screen, so that the impression that they are among the program participants. They poured some liquid carpet, turning it into a puddle of muddy slush, repeat all the patterns of the carpet pattern. Of particular interest were their light bulbs. They lit them, picking up, and the creature, as it seemed the woman swallowed the whole lamp, which remained in his mind. It turned out that the head of a dwarf — translucent. She lit up when it was light.

It is now clear that the study of the UFO phenomenon is necessary to consider all the cases, even seemingly absurd and seemingly unreliable, as the above cases with Noel Harper Orazio Rojas. After all, perhaps, part of the phenomenon seems to us absurd, because during sex to us "look" under the other, unexpected for us perspective and treat us accordingly. That is the action aliens that seem to us absurd, are actually a reaction to our thoughts and behavior.

The researcher to separate truth from fiction and notorious carefully, trying to restore the material — in the hope that one day it will grow in quantity and quality of the veil of secrecy over UFOs finally slightly.

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