Cossacks from Kyrgyzstan moved to Stavropol

The regional management of the Federal Migration Service of Russia on the edge discussed the relocation of Cossacks from Kyrgyzstan in the Stavropol region.

Head of department Alexander Boikov and Metropolitan Kirill of Stavropol and Nevinnomysskaya have repeatedly discussed the urgent problem reported STRC "Stavropol" press-service Russian Federal Migration Service on the edge.

Now Office, together with the diocese moved from discussion to concrete steps of the plans.

August 7, the head of the Metropolitan met with a counselor and a citizen of Kyrgyzstan — the first settler, a representative of the Union of Cossacks Seven Rivers, who said that to date, to move in the Stavropol region have decided 150 families (about 600-700 people) of working age.  
It is planned that the Cossacks will be relocating to work in farms and construction sites.

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