Courts in Minsk and Mogilev

Today, the district courts of Minsk — the administrative processes of the participants of the rally on Freedom Day Viktor Ivashkevich, Nikolai Demidenko and Irina Gubskaya.

According to human rights activists, in the morning of March 25 in Belarus in connection with Freedom Day was delayed more than 70 people.

14:40 Journalist Vladimir Laptsevich arrested for 7 days

13:30 Nikolai Demidenko arrested for 15 days

13:00 Ivashkevich sentenced to 10 days in jail

12:20In Brest, Pauline Sharenda-Panasiuc fined 770,000

BCD activist Irina Gubskaya charged with disorderly conduct (for profanity) iprigovorili to three days of administrative arrest.

In Minsk, the majority of the detainees were released by the night without being drawn up, but exactly three people were in prison in Akrestin where waiting ships. Human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina said:

"This is a well-known politician Ivashkevich, who was detained for allegedly cussing the march from Yakub Kolas to Yanka Kupala. And know, too, had been arrested directly outside the venue of the shares of a member of the BCD Irina Gubskaya and deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko. They are exactly as in Akrestsin, but what made them the protocols, we do not know yet. Irina Gubskaya taken after his arrest in the central police station and was taken to Nikolai Demidenko — do not know. "

Nikolai Demidenko and Irina were Gubskaya applicants shares on Yakub Kolas permit which has not been received. It is known that if the activists said they just come to the area to lay flowers. Nikolai Demidenko policemen in plain clothes detained at the time when he first set foot on the Yakub Kolas. Human rights activists say that this is not and can not be an administrative violation, and at the same time point out that both the applicant Demidenko and girls can be blamed and organizing an unsanctioned rally. Meanwhile, whether the action?

15-year-old Vick Ladis detained as well as dozens of youth activists — on the approach to Yakub Kolas. The girl's mother Rita Shagoyko said:

"She was walking near a fast food restaurant" Lido "when she approached a police officer in civilian clothes, said he saw the trial of Dashkevich and immediately detained her."

A few hours underage Vick Ladis kept at the station and interrogated without the presence of parents or teachers, which is a violation of the law, said his mother Vicki.

On Saturday arrested for the event on March 25 human rights activists handed transmission. In total, according to human rights activists in prison in Akrestin is now 5-democracy activists.

"Similarly, there are five political. Besides, there were placed Ivan Shyla andGregory Astapenya, detained during the trial Dashkevich andEduard Lobau. Astapenya for 10 days was convicted Shiloh for 13 days. They were detained on March 23, "- said Anastasia Marinkina.

Ivashkevich Zawadzki will be tried in court, Irina Gubskaya — in the Central district court of Minsk. Which court will hear the case of Nikolai Demidenko — will be known today in the morning.

In Mogilev judge Dmitry Solovyov and Vladimir Laptsevich

Today, in Mogilev have seen two administrative cases: an information campaign against journalist "BelaPAN" Vladimir Laptsevich and chairman of the regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov. >>>

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