Creepy in a weak army

Every second Russian believes his homeland threatened attack from the outside, every third fears that Russian army fails to protect the country. Immediately grows fraction of adherents go to Prof. army.

Half of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation is living with a sense of "if tomorrow the war." 53% of those polled by the Levada Center believe that there is a military threat to the Russian Federation from other states (case study was carried out to the days of defender of the Fatherland). In 2010, believed in the possibility of danger was 47% simplification, showed no concern about 42%. In 2008, those who cared about the possibility of war, it was almost the same as at present, 52%.

Most Russians as ever believe that the Russian army to protect the country from external aggression, but the number of optimists is uniformly reduced.

According to a survey Levada-center, that will be enough military power to defend the country, convinced 59% of the respondents. In 2010, this is the position held 63% of Russians. The number of skeptics year increased from 22% to 28%. Deputy director of the Levada Center, Alexei Grazhdankin believes that these feelings among Russians appear against a reform of the army. "Always go to the media reports of reductions in the number of officers in the army, the navy, the reduction of armaments. Against this background, people have the feeling that army weakens, "- said the sociologist," "to the Newspaper."

Idea of what should be a modern Russian army, equally divided. 47% believe that it is necessary to keep conscription, and the same number of people offering absolutely go on a contract basis. Sociologists point out that year reversed most of the respondents came out in favor universal appeal (59%), but not for a professional army (39%).

Service in the Army as before is not prestigious in the eyes of most Russians.

More than half of respondents (54%) said they did not wish their loved ones serving in the military, and only 36% do not mind.

Prerequisites reluctance — threats, which, according to the views of Russians who are soldiers, while a significant part of the threats are not related specifically to the fighting. Most are popular explanation of the reluctance to send loved ones in the army was the presence of hazing — such answer was elected 29%. About 23% indicated a risk of death or injury of their own loved ones, another 15% — to the possibility of humiliation fighter officers. Another 14% of respondents said languid conditions of service of 10% — the moral disintegration of the army, drunkenness and drug addiction in the middle of war, one more reason — "the irresponsible policy of the authorities in relation to the army."

5% believe that the years spent in the army — it's lost time.

The overwhelming most believes that hazing in the army as before vserasprostranena. About 39% pronounced that it has been preserved in most military units, 27% believe in some. Only 11% of such cases are referred to as single. In general apprehension about the service of the Russians declined, Grazhdankin said, as he was cut by the life in the army, another reason — the end of the military operation in Chechnya, where cast off and conscripts.

The data were obtained during a survey conducted by Levada Center on 28-31 January 2011 in the middle of 1600 people from 45 regions of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%.

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