CSTO countries will join the army to protect the Caucasus and Central Asia

CSTO countries will join the army to protect the Caucasus and Central AsiaThe unstable situation in the Caucasus and Central Asia, forcing the country to connect voedinyzhdy CSTO troops. This was stated by the Secretary General CSTO Bordyuzha in the process taking place in the State Assembly of Armenia Coordination meeting of chairpersons of the committees (commissions) for defense and security of the parliaments of the CSTO, reports NovostiNK.ru.

As the Borduzha, "Taking into account developments in the situation in the world now, we must do even more effective and active measures in order to enhance military cooperation."

"That's why adequate proposals worked out. They relate, first, to improve the CSTO military organization. We want to offer to do troops CSTO, combining all of the existing components. This is a peace-keeping force, RRF, bilateral groups, frisky forces deployed in the Central Asian region, these troops additionally incorporate and make collective air component, in other words, aircraft that can: be engaged in transportation of personnel and units as needed localize or other conflicts, to provide cover for military operations, "- said the CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Borduzha.

Recall that in Armenia at the site "Akhurian" from 15 to 19 September, held joint exercises of the Collective Rapid Response Forces CSTO "Interaction-2012". In the final step of the exercise will perceive the role of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

Military RRF component consists of formations and units of constant combat readiness. The total number of CSTO RRF is estimated at about 20 thousand people, of which half are Russian soldiers.

CSTO member states after the suspension of Uzbekistan's membership are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and our homeland.

Organization of the Collective Security Contract was created on the basis of the Contract on collective security, signed May 15, 1992 the member countries of the CIS.

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