Cuba — Belarus: the bridge of solidarity across the Atlantic

The American Radio Marti, which broadcasts to Cuba through Radio Liberty, organized a telephone bridge between EASA Sanchez — Cuban dissident, blogger — and the deputy head of the "Young Front" Nasta Palazhanka. Both girls were in March, the State Department awarded the prize for his courage, but the governments of Cuba and Belarus did not allow EASA and Anastasia visit the official ceremony in Washington. Telephone conversation, which was conducted with the assistance of an interpreter, and was full of words of solidarity and mutual support, lasted more than an hour. Your attention — a fragment of a conversation EASA Sanchez and Anastasia Palazhanka.

EASA Sanchez

EASA Sanchez "She is now and I can greet each other a hug, as they should do during a private meeting and exchange experience — professional, social — in a ceremony at which the leadership of Cuba and Belarus has prevented us from coming."

Anastasia Palazhanka:
"However, we are very grateful that there is such an opportunity, I'm very glad to hear such a cheerful voice, the voice of girls victorious. I believe that very soon we will begin to live in those countries which dream and who are fighting for. "

EASA Sanchez "I followed the activities Nasty, because I was always interested in the similarities between Belarus and Cuba — in this historical period — especially given the fact that the leadership of both countries maintain relations of friendship and cooperation, expressing public sympathy for each other. After all, they are similar to their authoritarianism, human rights violations and lack of freedom of expression that we can observe in both countries. "

Anastasia Palazhanka: "I think that if our governments are friends, that does not hurt to make friends and to us. And then, perhaps, as a result of tight friendship we see what we want to see. "

EASA Sanchez "I would like to ask Nastia, because here we have news censorship, as it is life in recent months. I know about the sad trial of her close friend, Dmitry Dashkevich. Tell me about how you are going through. "

Anastasia Palazhanka:
"In the current situation, the trials are ongoing. Unfortunately, we are losing every week our friends for many years. We have time to participate in their criminal trials, go to their questioning, to support the families of those political prisoners who are already in prison, as well as to inform the public about what's going on. The problem is that not only allowed me to leave the country, I was not even allowed to go out of town. "Young Front" has representatives in many cities, and I would like to meet these people, to support them, but now I do not have that option. "

We must join our voices …

EASA Sanchez "I believe that the similarity of the situation — the situation in Cuba and Belarus — should be an occasion for the Belarusians and the Cubans are not only exchanged experiences and personal stories, and to jointly demonstrated their human demands — demands for freedom, freedom organizations — the international community . We must join our voices. After all, there is no east or west of authoritarianism, left or right, there is simply authoritarian and totalitarian rulers who oppress their people, no matter what part of the world is going on. "

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