Cut, watch online

Cut, watch online
Transfer "Hack, Semyonitch "will be a real gift for all fans to sit with a fishing rod in his enjoyment of all who consider themselves the particular fisherman and, of course, for those who are seriously passionate about doing this, and spends a lot of time and effort to catch fish.

Each issue Aware of one form or another fishing and introduces the intricacies of catching certain types of fish. From this series, you will learn in detail about all the beauty of winter fishing, when the frost bites her cheeks and it seems that you yourself just vmerz ice. For fans of bottom fishing is fascinating issue about catching a snow-white fish.

Will talk about fishing and varieties of fish living in the Azov and Black Seas, and even fishing in Europe. Most of the time devoted to the subtleties of light carp, because this view especially love fish fishermen. And more vserasprostranen in our waters.

Fishing, hunting

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