Dalnegorsk disaster

On Saturday, November 28, 1987 33 UFO flying low over the east coast of Primorye. Their flight took place between 9.10 pm and midnight. Were marked by different types of UFOs: cylinders, cigars and balls. Objects were observed on more than 12 localities in five administrative regions of Primorye. All notes with surprise absolutely silent objects.

Help induced later researchers showed that while over these areas does not fly any civil or military aircraft. Since the Soviet space launch from running any launchers. The same was the case the previous time, November 29, 1986. The target could not have had anything to do with missiles. They were unlike any on the car or the fireballs or the plasmoids.

Meteootchet for 28, 29 and November 30, 1987 shows the lack of cloud cover and precipitation. Wind: West, 7 m / s, the direction of 320 degrees. Wind direction does not coincide with UFO. 13 of 33 UFOs flying over Dalnegorsk, 4 — over Ore dock, one UFO seen over other settlements. Obviously, the main goal was Dal'negorsk.

The city Dalnegorsk UFOs behave as if had a common goal. They changed the course, direction, speed, circled over the mountains, flying over the river beds. The low height at which they were flying, made it impossible for them to tracking radar. Their trajectory suggests that they are managed intelligently. The low height they could be chosen specifically not to "light up" on the radar.

It happened in 23 months, after the UFO crash in 1986. 5 objects hanging over Dalnegorsk and one — of Ore jetty. Dalnegorsk they covered over the territory and pulsating light beams. It seemed as if they were looking for something, perhaps a UFO crashed in 1986, or its fragments, as well as studying the size and scale of the disaster. It is possible that a crashed UFO was automatic scout craft. He was about 0,5 x1, 5 feet in diameter. Such small devices do not necessarily need to have an extraterrestrial origin. They can be made on the Earth from the available items. Lead isotope analysis showed that it is similar to the mineral deposits of the northern Baikal region.

Lead can be used to repair UFO refueling facilities or install plasma thruster. Unclear nature of iron isotopes — terrestrial or extraterrestrial. The fact that the space visitors perform processes on our planet, including the production of earth ores and their utilization, supported by the following evidence. In 1978, geologist Popov found the metal plate 5 km from Dalnegorsk. Its dimensions are 0.70 x0, 60 m thickness of 4 to 6 inches. One of the researchers climbed that mountain seven times in search of the other samples, but without success. In the end, when this researcher decided to seek help from the very Popov, he found that Popov died from a heart attack four days earlier. This was also the fate of the head of the laboratory, in which the plate was studied for its composition.

After all, part of the plate was found in a private collection. The disappearance of the main piece — is in itself a mystery! The plate was made of zinc. Its weight should be at least half a ton, that is, it can only be moved with a crane or a few people. Consultation on the enterprises and institutions Dalnegorsk have failed, no one has ever seen or heard of a plate for her.

Chemical analysis of the sample plate confirmed it unusual. It absolutely does not contain cadmium, which is a component of zinc. The cleanest in the world zinc contains 0.02% cadmium. In addition, there were too few silver. Local plants have never produced this type of zinc and a plate of this size. It is also impossible to get zinc primitive methods. It is obtained only through the oxygen-free electrothermal treatment.

Also, there were several instances when the samples UFO photographs and the results of some tests simply disappeared without any logical explanation to show that the organization is under some control. In the eyes of the four witnesses, a large piece of the sample disappeared from the mountain 611. Part ceramic crucible with the sample fell to the floor and just disappeared. Researchers from Tomsk could not find a quartz thread. In April, a plate of quartz fibers disappeared in Vladivostok. She was placed under the electron microscope. This happened after the gold dust to fill the vacuum. It seems that the purpose of the UFO — to get all the research into a dark alley and bring them to nonsense.

Another example of their technology was discovered in Dalnegorsk chrome piece. A similar piece was picked up near Kavalerovo. It consists of 96% chromium, 0.11% nickel, 0.5% aluminum, 0.29% iron, 0.002% silver, 0.00029% gold, 0.06% cobalt, 0.003% of cadmium, 0.007% copper, 0.008 % zinc, 0.01% manganese. Spectral analysis revealed the following results: 1% lithium, calcium 1.3%, 1% arsenic, 1% silicon, scandium, 0.005%. Other elements with a very low content are platinum, lanthanum, strontium, iridium, rhenium.

The composition is highly unusual, given the fact that the chromium in the Far East are not doing it, and, secondly, the industry does not produce chrome with such a strange composition. Sample found in Dalnegorsk, is formless piece. It weighs about 50-60 pounds and is non-magnetic, whereas the pattern found in Kavalerovo, has a high magnetism. In the area was examined by a number of UFO landing site. Mountain stone and metal samples in those places were highly magnetic. It is known that fragments of satellites and rockets, planes are not magnetic.

So, is it possible that the November 28, 1987 UFO squadron been looking UFO that crashed Nov. 29, 1986? They hung in the sky, sending rays to the ground, the tops of mountains and hills in the north-west. Perhaps before his destruction of the object sent a powerful message to space.

The crash site is likely to be found UFOs flying over Dalnegorsk. It was found with 6 spots magnetized silicon. Above the mountain flight 611 was observed four UFOs. February 6, 1986, that is, eight days after the disaster, there came from the north two yellow ball. It was at 8.30 pm. They came to the accident, did 4 laps on it and in an instant disappeared. Mass UFO November 28 observed workers, intellectuals, policemen, military. More than 100 people have reported on 33 cases. These are due to the 2-minute glitches in broadcasting, on the telegraph lines and other equipment. As well as computers were large problems. Keep the information in them, and the program deteriorated. The reason for this was the presence of strong electromagnetic fields arising during the flight of the UFO. Incandescent and power lines are not affected by this electromagnetic field. 93% of UFOs appear in the full moon or new moon. When the moon is at perigee, it is closer to the Earth.

Lead isotope analysis showed that he neither space nor Dalnegorsk origin. His age is identical to samples from Holodnenskogo field in the North Baikal. Doctor of Geological Sciences U.Pushkarev hypothesized using secret UFO Holodnenskogo deposit for their purposes. Lead can be used as fuel for the plasma thruster. The holes in the lead balls are identical to those of the industrial plasma systems. It seems that they do not need to store large amounts of lead during their flight, if it is possible to exploit some of the earth's surface. This shows their broad knowledge of our field.

Priligalis some effort to determine their production capacity and technology. There are several holes made by a laser beam. They have a diameter of about 2 inches. Along the edges of the holes visible vitoifikatsiya. Also found an unknown piece of chrome. One of the samples magnetic. Magnetism is similar to the model of a mountain 611. This magnetism is an indicator of high-powered electromagnetic field formed by a UFO. Rather, this kind of field are important in their propulsion systems.

Found a sample of "grid" almost impossible to study, even with modern appliances. This carbon-glass appearance. Is amorphous, with 5-18 atoms separately standing elements. He is completely acid-. If you want to put it in liquid nitrogen, he began to attract a magnet, even if the iron completely closed. It is impossible to determine the source of the magnetic properties. The presence of a high percentage of potassium (K) and sodium (Na) in the samples may be caused by thermonuclear reactions inside the UFO. However, these reactions are clean. (!) They do not result in radioactive contamination of the soil. UFO crashed January 29, 1986, was seen at 7:55 pm. His speed was 15 m / s. Object observed over Dalnegorsk had solid spherical shell and color nerzhavki. He fell at the height of 611 meters, leaving a sample of steel fragments, iron balls and so-called "grid". He also had strange effects on people, animals and radioprimeniki. Samples of the iron balls have a very high degree of hardness. They can not cut steel tools, but the diamond. They have a very complex structure. They almost all elements of the periodic table, including Fe, Mn, Ni, Mo, W, SiO2, CO, Cr. During the vacuum melting appear unusual glass-structure. No metal carbides.

As indicated above, the pattern of the "grid" is composed of amorphous carbon materials with separate metal atoms. Key elements of carbon-based, Zn, Ag, Au, La, Pr, Si, Na, K, Co, Ni, Y, and many others Such a structure does not lend itself to any interpretation. Acid-material. When exposed to temperatures of 2800 degrees Celsius, some elements disappear and in their place there are other. When vacuum heating, gold, silver and nickel disappear, but there are molybdenum sulfide and beryllium. Disappeared last five months. This somehow proves that we are dealing with artificial materials. Large amount of organic matter present in a sample, can be a sign of an unknown life form.

"Grid" has the properties of the dielectric, the hot working is a semiconductor, with vacuum heating — a guide. It took a long time, but the crash still has some effect on people. It acts on the blood, causes a decrease in white blood cells and an increase in bacteria. It increases blood pressure, pulse rate increases, there is an inexplicable fear. The crash site also works for photos, illuminates the film, photo paper.

Collected samples of silicon have magnetism. But magnetize silicon — the same thing that magnetize brick. It's impossible! The crash site has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, from 4000 to 25,000 degrees Celsius, and radiation of unknown nature. The chemical composition of steel alloys corresponds to the high content in the peat at the crash site of so-called "Tunguska meteorite" elements such as Pr, La, Y, Pb, Zn Fe … Type of radiation is identical. Obviously, we are dealing with a ship of unknown civilization.

Aside from watching 33 UFOs until the Sea of Japan in 1987, 13 of which flew over Dalnegorsk, hovering above the disaster and its illuminating rays, giving the impression of some kind of search, even more important was the message of a UFO landing in 1989, only 200 meters from the actual site of the incident. In the studies used computers, laser microscopes and other modern equipment. Highly sensitive technique was used along with a wealth of experience of scientists from different fields of knowledge. Analyses were performed by professionals in the kind of activity. Four samples of "grid" was discovered alpha-quartz fiber. Its thickness is 17 microns. Coiled filament was carefully woven into the mesh and is fused with it. Such technology and accuracy not possible in terms of the existing technological capacity of our civilization.

Such a grid can be used as microcable the attitude control system. Quartz is a perfect insulator, and gold — the perfect vehicle. In contrast to the theory of terrestrial light, it is proved that a UFO flying over tectonic faults. Maybe they use the energy released by these lines. Advanced civilization can easily use the energy of these faults, and use it to fly in any weather conditions. Today, people can also detect these faults with highly sensitive sensors and recording devices. These devices can registirovat energy fractures radiated into space by our benchmarks. It is widely known that the energy radiated by faults millions of years. Dalnegorsk fault type is the meridian and goes back to the Triassic period. Quite reasonable to assume that the unknown civilization uses diagrams surface rather than parallel to the meridians. Diagrams energy intensity energy fractures. These charts can be drawn back in ancient times and used paleocontacts extraterrestrial civilizations up to the present day.

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