Daylight saving time: from jet lag crash rescue parsley and douches




On the night of 27 March 28, Russia will move to summer time. According to many doctors, hand position spring forward one hour a negative impact on human health.

Time conversion knocks people with normal rhythm, cause insomnia, chronic sleep loss and decreased performance by 10 percent. Here are some disappointing data: time jumps affect the health of more than 80% of the population.

According to the doctors, in the first week after the clock change the number of calls "emergency" is increased by 12%, the number of suicides grows by 6% of accidents is greater by one-third. The cause of all these troubles is clear — sleep disturbance.

As told the online newspaper «NewsProm.Ru» Tyumen healer, current member of the All-Russian professional medical association of experts of traditional folk medicine Vladimir Ermakov, all the problems in a person with transfer hours are related, first of all, with a decrease in immunity, and therefore , at which time a special attention should be paid to the immune system.

"Vitamin and mineral supplements that support the immune system very much — from the very expensive to affordable to everyone. It is very useful at this time to actively use in the diet of fresh herbs — parsley, lettuce, celery, garlic, fennel, sorrel contains a whole range of vitamins and amino acids, which are just stimulating a person's immunity and help it to quickly pass an adjustment period, "- he said.

In addition, it is helpful to eat carbohydrate-rich fruits. At the same time, Vladimir Ermakov advised to give preference to local crops, or even grown in Russia and neighboring republics. For example, apples do not buy Chinese or Turkish, and from the Krasnodar region, Moldova or Georgia, they are more likely to retain their quality for a long winter.

In addition, the healer recommends that coffee lovers do not abuse this refreshing drink during the period of sleep deprivation. You can replace your grass or green tea, which also has a tonic, plus displays the body of toxins. "From the excessive consumption of coffee is stimulation of the nervous system, ie, our nervous system will not relax here and all kinds of neuroses, the impact on the psychological state of a person ", — said Vladimir Ermakov.

Another useful tip when the power jet lag — a contrast shower, you need to take, both in the morning and before bedtime. Pouring hot and cold running water activates blood circulation, which promotes blood flow to the brain, thereby increased vitality and energy.

But before you get out of bed is recommended to do a couple of simple exercises, which also will add vigor.

"Do not jump abruptly out of bed as soon as the alarm clock rang. During the transfer of hours a person is particularly susceptible to nervousness, to avoid this, you need to soak up the bed, stretch, do warm fingers and toes, roll over on one side first, then the second and gradually rise. Just in time for daylight saving time, such exercises stimulates the human body maintains its vitality, "- said Vladimir Ermakov healer.


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