Declassified Pentagon and the Air Force

Researched declassified Pentagon and the Air Force, for evidence of the true American authorities in UFOs.

Back in September 1951, Joint Chiefs of Staff (the highest military authority, similar to our General Staff) issued a secret directive "JANAP-146b" on measures to prevent armed attacks on the U.S., which were ordered to immediately report to military channels about the appearance of unidentified submarines , warships, aircraft and UFOs. Moreover, the disclosure of this information in print, on radio or television in the military threatened to fine $ 10,000 and imprisonment up to 10 years.

In March 1954, the directive "JANAP-146" was re-released with an "s". Now it was pointed out that the data on all the unknown objects, including UFOs, must be passed as a message of paramount importance and, if it concerns the observations in the air, in the early reports should put the symbol "CIRVIS", as if the sea, the index " MERINT ". It was emphasized that the reports of such symbols contain information relating to the national defense, and disclosure of their content by any means is prohibited and punishable by law on espionage. It is also significant that the application of the directive was given an example of transmission radiotelegraphy message is about UFOs, which looked like this:

"MERINT 5125 14230. 3 unidentified flying object heading north-west, the height of 17,000 feet, the shape of a cigar 50 feet, 2 miles. Retrieved navigator, visibility unlimited. 211,513 Jones."

After the release of this directive in 1954 civil airline pilots were also forbidden to disclose information about the observations of UFOs.

In March 1966 the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a directive fifth option "JANAP-146" with an "e", which stated that the UFO must be considered among the enemy targets approaching the United States and Canada, and detail the data that were to be kept in each reporting of UFO sightings. Staff of the Air Force issued a number of classified documents on UFOs specifically.

The first of these was the secret instruction "AFR 200-2", developed in August 1953, under which the UFO research has focused on three organizations: — Air Force Intelligence in the Pentagon — 4602 Squadron scientific support, which had representatives at all air bases; — Science and Technology Center on the basis of the Air Force Wright-Patterson. However, even the highest officers of the Air Force not attempt to obtain any of these organizations information about UFOs and probe results of the first stage of the investigation. Simultaneously to all Air Force units were instructed to minimize the amount of information about UFOs, issued the public, and provide mostly humorous or error messages. And all the original posts were declared confidential and were to be sent to the appropriate authorities. And part of the flying saucers, as well as photographs radar screens, which show the speed maneuvers and flying saucers, or authentic photographs of the dishes were immediately sent to the Scientific and Technical Center Air Force.

In August 1954 instruction "AFR-200-2" was re-released, and it further stated that the Air Force to the problem of interest should include the following aspects: First, a potential threat to U.S. security, and second, the definition of the technical characteristics of these objects because, apparently, based on them can be created entirely new aircraft design.

The instructions also emphasized that all of the Air Force in their investigations of cases of UFO sightings should not enter dalshe that requires 4602-Squadron scientific support.

Instruction "AFR.-200-2" in September 1959 was reissued under the title "Operations and activities UFO — a serious matter." In this case, it was emphasized that the commanders of air bases can issue the press or the public information about monitoring flying object only if it is identified. And if the observation is inexplicable, it should be made evasive statements that it cross-checked and the data will be given later.

In September 1966 instruction "AFR-200-2" has been replaced by a new instruction "AFR.-80-17", in which all the commanders of air bases were instructed to create a monitoring points for UFOs and investigate every case of their appearance, to determine what to actually observed.

In the instruction of Staff U.S. Navy "OPNAV … 94-P-3," published in July 1959, the captains of commercial and fishing boats are also instructed to give immediate reports on the radio with a code group of letters "MERINT" the approach of the American continent unknown missiles , UFO, ships, submarines and aircraft, and in the appendix to the instructions were posted image disc-shaped UFO and medulla.

We also know that to speed up the identification of a UFO on most U.S. Navy ships have been placed pictures of basic types of UFOs.

The survey of U.S. air defense was also placed an image of a UFO in the shape of a disk with lights.

Are of some interest, and various orders of the U.S. authorities relating to the interception and opening fire on UFOs.

Until the spring of 1948 the U.S. Air Force had orders to shoot down UFOs, and after the death of Captain Mantell spring of 1948 were ordered to "hold, but do not shoot" on UFOs, unless there is a direct attack on their part.

After the raid on Washington in July 1952, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Bradley with sanctions over Truman gave the order to open fire and shoot down any unidentified objects that will appear over the United States and refuse to comply with the requirements of the landing.

In May 1955, the newly issued an order prohibiting the fire on UFOs, and the new commander, General Defense Remey pilots at the meeting said: "Be very careful when dealing with UFOs, but never shoot them."

In 1957, the Pentagon spokesman, Major General Kelly, responding to the request of Congressman Lee Metcalf, acknowledged that the country's air force fighter jets chase UFO to the country's security and for their technical review.

In 1959, the Supreme Commander of NATO, U.S. General Norsted ordered all compounds of Air Force, NATO closely monitor the UFOs as possible to photograph them and implement wiring radar.

In 1963, the Air Force command has given instructions to all the crew to pursue the UFO, but to open fire only in case of hostile action on their part.

The directive of the Joint Chiefs "JANAP-146", published in 1966, the unit commanders of U.S. and Canadian Air Force supposed to inform about actions to intercept UFOs.

Thus, all private documents of the Joint Chiefs and the U.S. Air Force regarding UFOs, published before 1969, strong evidence that the U.S. government is actually always very serious about UFOs. This was confirmed, in particular, and President Kennedy, who pointed out in his letter NIKAP at the end of 1961, that "UFOs are the subject of exceptional importance."

We should also mention that in the U.S. Air Force Academy textbook, published in 1968 and intended for students of the Academy, a UFO described in detail on pages 14 and recommended that: "The best in the meetings with them to be alert, attentive and not to take any extreme measures. "

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