Defense Ministry: WEST fighters under test readiness are constant patrols in border areas

Defense Ministry: WEST fighters under test readiness are constant patrols in border areas
Fighter aircraft of the Western Military Area under test readiness conducted by order of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, on combat duty on the air space Russian Federation in emergency mode, reports the press service of the Defense Ministry.
On receipt of the signal to bring in the highest degree of combat readiness aviation WEST completed redeployment to operational airfields. Currently, bombers neighborhood makes combat training tasks to defeat conventional enemy aircraft at ranges. Units produce radar troops build radar field, informed the Ministry of Defense.
So, for example, March 1, 2014 6 interceptor MiG-31 during the test, which is unexpected refueled in the air and intercepted aerial targets conditional on the Late North, told reporters on Saturday to RIA Novosti, the press service of the Defense Ministry.
According to the scenario, 5 aircraft refueling distant IL-78 aircraft took off from the airfield «Olenegorsk» (Murmansk region), so that over the Barents Sea to make refueling 6 all-weather interceptor fighter aircraft MiG-31, which made air patrol tasks, rising in the air from the air «Monchegorsk».
IL-78 is created on the basis of the Il-76MD and is designed for in-flight refueling aircraft distant and tactical aviation, and air defense. On the car set up three devices, two on the wings and one in the aft fuselage on the right side, ORM-1 (Uniform mounted refueling unit).
Besides air refueling IL-78 may serve as a tanker for transportation fuel. While putting fuel on the ground ORM are not used, instead they are fed to the fuel tanks vnutrifyuzelyazhnyh. Also for IL-78 provides conversion of transport aircraft, why ORM fuselage tank and two were made removable, and are on board two cargo winches, hoist, roller table and mooring-handling equipment.
In 1988 he made the first flight of the modified tanker aircraft IL-78M with high takeoff weight. Brand new car lost opportunity frisky conversion into a transport plane, because for growth of transported fuel developers brought into the design configuration.
The cargo compartment were installed three tamperproof cylindrical tank of 36 tons of fuel, there is no troop-transport equipment and rear loading hatch. It has also been strengthened wing, fuselage mount changed refueling unit with a higher performance modifications ORM-1M.
Charging control in the air on the IL-78 (IL-78M) is derived from a specially equipped places refueling operator located on the site of the shooting aft installation. Immediately can refuel in the air one «heavy» plane or just two «light» machinery from underwing ORM. On the structural features of IL-78 is told on the website IA «Weapons of Russia.»
Double-weather fighter-interceptor distant acts MiG-31 is designed to intercept and destroy air targets existing in the spectrum of the maximum fine to great heights, day and NIGHT MODE in the implementation criteria enemy radar (active, passive) and thermal noise.
In standalone mode, it is able to continuously patrol the area of ​​responsibility and engage small-sized cruise missiles, helicopters, high-altitude supersonic aircraft and other types of targets in the front and rear hemispheres, a group of four MiG-31 provides control of the air space at the front of 800-900 km. Also As leader of the aircraft. About the design features of the MiG-31 is told on the website IA «Weapons of Russia.»
«Refueling held in languid weather criteria at an altitude of 4 thousand meters. After refueling crews MiG-31 worked puzzles interception conditioned air targets that simulated naval aircraft from the air base of the Northern Fleet «North», «- uttered in the press-service.
Press and Information Office of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense
In addition Su-27 1 March 2014 conditional intercepted intruder over Karelia
WEST pilots during unexpected test successfully intercepted the intruder conditioned air space in the sky over Karelia, told reporters Saturday to RIA Novosti, the press service of the Defense Ministry. According to legend, the exercise now with Chkalovsky airfield (metropolitan area) was raised in the air Tu-134 on the route Moscow — Voronezh.
Work on the design 4th generation fighter, known then as the Su-27 began in EDO PO Dry in an active manner running OS Samoilovych in late 1969. The new aircraft had to be worthy of a response to the creation of the U.S. F-15 fighter, develops software programmke FX 1966, the main purpose of Russian fighter as its overseas counterpart, was declared the «conquest of the air.»
Unlike past years, when aircraft designers in the USSR in their correspondence competition with the Yankees found themselves constantly «catching side,» Now it was decided to make a plane, or in what is not inferior, and even surpassing the «enemy.»
To implement this dignity, OKB designers from the beginning laid the base assembly in a lot of promising new thoughts, such as the introduction of the integrated aerodynamic assembly occupancy engines in 2-spaced isolated nacelles under the lifting body fuselage and vertical tail — in the interval between the wing and horizontal plumage, in accordance with the «area rule», etc., according to the website of the company «Sukhoi».
«Already in the air commander received combat training puzzle change the route of flight and advance towards the airbase» Besovets » in the Republic of Karelia with the task to check the readiness of forces and air defense command of the first Air Force and Air Defense, maintain air borders in the north-west Russia. In flight, the commander of the ship have been disabled system for identifying and announcing, in addition, the aircraft did fly in full radio silence «- uttered in the press service of the Defense Ministry.
Unidentified aircraft found fit to ground air defense systems to intercept from the air «Besovets» focused attendants Su-27. The General Staff praised the work of crews of fighters.
«Upon approaching the violator fighter pilots light signals indicated their presence for the intruder aircraft commander and air maneuvers identified, we need to continue with the forthcoming movement to the designated airfield», — concluded the representative office.

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