Dengue epidemic in Ecuador: 9648 cases

During 22 weeks of 2012 has already registered 9,648 cases of dengue fever in the small South American country, said yesterday the Ministry of Health.

This number increased after the last eight days has been confirmed diagnosis still have 631 new patients Ecuadorian hospitals. In its report last week, the press service of the Ministry reported 9,017 cases in 24 provinces of the country.

Until yesterday, the most affected by dengue fever remained Manabi province, with 2701 patients the classic form of the disease and 52 hemorrhagic sick (severe) form.

Followed by the province of Guayas (2290 cases of classical forms and 56 — hemorrhagic), Los Rios (1497 and 3) and El Oro (1045 and 7). While the remaining 1,997 cases are distributed to 20 other provinces.

The epidemic of this year, according to the Ministry of Health, has left 19 victims in seven provinces: 8 people died in the province of Manabi, 5 — in Guayas, 2 — in the province of Santo Domingo, one death reported in the provinces of Los Rios, El Oro, Santa Elena and Pichincha.

This statistic is almost four times higher than the rates of dengue fever epidemic last year, when over 22 weeks there were 2,653 cases, of which 43 hemorrhagic type. In addition, last year, died from the disease just two people.

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