Deputy Prime Minister criticizes National Bank

In fact, we return to the multiple exchange rates — a statement of Vice Prime Minister Sergei Rumas Belta quoted.

He was commenting on the decision of the National Bank (BNB) to expand the deviation rate of the Belarusian ruble in transactions on the OTC market to 10% from the official rate.

Sergei Rumas said: "Of course, the deviation of 10% can be measured and described in various ways, but in fact we are going back to the multiplicity of exchange rates. And it would be nice if it's a 10 percent deviation of the official exchange rate has solved the problem, but those signals, which are sent to the market, they say that 10 percent of the deviation is not enough. As the results of trading on the interbank market, these days The interbank market is not revived, and a number of distinguished experts are of the opinion that this is a half measure and the National Bank to make further steps in this direction. "

In this case, Deputy Prime Minister stressed that today it is difficult to say what decision the National Bank. "Not a day goes by that the National Bank has not taken any decision. These solutions are being actively discussed. Some call them positive signals, someone, on the contrary, scolding, "- said the deputy prime minister.

On He said, Government is concerned that businesses and citizens can not function normally and to buy the currency. "We made the most express their vision of the National Bank of the issue. But in the end the decision of questions of currency regulation rests with the National Bank. We would like to see the situation is resolved, and the market began to function. What instruments do it — National Bank to see better ", — said Sergey Rumas.

As for investors, then, according to Deputy Prime Minister, the situation that has developed, they have caused a certain wariness.

"Wary investors are, and it must be recognized today, as for the investor who invests in a foreign country, it is very important stability and clarity of the situation and forecast how the situation will develop. Here we see that the individual does not modify the bodies of state administration, including greater awareness on the part of the market ", — said Sergey Rumas.

He believes that the signal for lifting temporary restrictions on the foreign exchange market will not even possible to receive money from the Russian Federation. Such a signal must be to improve the state of the economy, said Deputy Prime Minister.

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