Detained protesters against the closure of the prison hospital

Security officers on April 1 stopped trying to activists of the National Bolshevik movement to take place in Minsk flash mob against the closure of the National Hospital of somatic Department of Corrections (DIN) MIA. Arrested about a dozen people.

Participants of the flash mob intended to convey a treatment IND. However, they carried with them a small cardboard coffin. The coffin was to symbolize what can happen to the prisoners, deprived of medical care. On the approach to the building of DIN protesters were detained by police in civilian clothes.


The police also tried to impede the work of photographer BelaPAN Olga Kleschuk, citing the fact that the building Fiberboard — custodial facility.

The detainees were taken by bus to an unknown destination

One of the organizers said that the April 1, 2011 ceases the activity Republican somatic hospital fiberboard.

"The new hospital, which by order of the head of state planned to build to the closure of the old, is still not built. And, judging from the pace of construction, it is unlikely he will be able to take in This year, first patients, "- said Bruise.

"With the complete closure of the hospital, experts predict an increase in mortality across the forced enforcement system by at least 30%. All the other measures proposed by the officials — namely, the option-based deployment jail number 1 hospital with 60 beds instead of 300 in the old, just look pathetic attempts negligent "public servants" adhrystsitstsa of the problem, "- said the organizer of the rally.

"The situation is associated with the cessation of somatic hospitals, affects the interests of hundreds of thousands of citizens our country. Violates the rights and freedoms of persons in custody or under investigation, in particular — the constitutionally guaranteed right to health "- said bruise.

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