Divorce in Russian (many episodes) watch online

Divorce in Russian (many episodes) watch online
Russia … A special country with special people, endowed with special, inimitable turn of mind — everything is not because the whole civilized world. Maybe we have become accustomed to the fact that at every turn us all, "prick", "breed", "weight wrong" and "throw". What can you do if "divorce in Russian, "and in the air?

The victims of this global, and therefore nepoborimoy system — all of us to one inhabitant of this country's mind-boggling. We can each day to read about yourself in the greedy news reports, where we refer to deceive consumers or customers.

Every day, millions of Russians coming to the municipal offices, appointment to the bureaucrats, shops and clinics, we are faced with the fact that each, sundry, trying to cash in on our joy, sorrow, misery and gullibility. But everything one day come to an end — and the patience of our fellow citizens, too, is not unlimited, as they can reflect some of the profiteers.

Project "Divorce in Russian"- An attempt to uncover the tumor of our modern society. Journalists will be working "under cover", that you have seen firsthand whole haunting us cheating. In every program in this series are invited professionals — is representative of the Committee for the Protection of Consumer Rights, lawyers, medical professionals, and experts at other areas of activity. You can find out from them how to defend themselves in similar cases, where to go in order to achieve justice and get the compensation owed to you. Geography investigation — all country!

Divorce look in Russian online all series

Divorce on-Russian — a serial

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