Do not lie to me watch online

Do not lie to me watch online
In each family, at some point, but there are conflicts and disassembly, sometimes resulting in a true family disaster. The TV series "Do not lie to me" indicates a normal family problems. All the stories you'll see in the television series — as real as real and passions raging in each series.

Most people are inclined to heresy, from time to time with their families and friends have to lie to those who categorically against heresy. Just so develop the actual incident. In such cases, the heresy seems the only tool that can protect our loved ones from the pain and frustration.

The only question: what do they want hear in fact? In such cases, we deprive them of choice: hear bitter truth or a lie to amuse. Look at how the participants in this project are trying to solve fallen down on their mundane tasks. Maybe some kind of a situation identical to yours and it will help for you without the help of others to find their way out it.

Do not lie to me (Ukraine)

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