Doctor: Dmitry Bondarenko disease — a serious matter

Now Olga Bondarenko Society seeks to 5th hospital of Minsk, in which a year ago was treated Dmitry. officially sent to the KGB detention center of its clinical diagnosis, the results of MRI and other studies.

In a conversation with the "Freedom" Olga Bondarenko named principal, in her view, the causes of ill health spouse:

"The reasons: the cold, stressful situation and, of course, all these things that tell Michalevic. This stretch is finding naked in a cold damp room. I do not know why they were forced to squat. Maybe for them to warm up naked ? Maybe it was they have such a humane act? "

Dmitry and Olga Bondarenko

A year ago, at the same time, the spring, the coordinator of "Charter'97" Dmitry Bondarenko felt the aggravation of his old problems associated with the former spinal injury.

Strong nevralyagichnyya pain attacks he endured on his feet, kupiruyuchy their analgesics. This continued until the time until one day he collapsed to the floor. Olga Bondarenko says:

"In my eyes have developed all these manifestations. Last spring he went with terrible pain. And the end, that he just fell into the room. Simply fell to the floor. First of pain. We then called an ambulance. Then he just could not walk . was falling because I do not stop moving. Nogo not listen, were strangled nerves. "

"There is a shift in the direction of the spinal canal, but because the pain unbearable"

Dmitry Bondarenko then hospitalized in the 5th clinical hospital of Minsk, where he received an appropriate course of treatment. Writing out, doctors urged continue to see a neurologist and pain syndromes, strengthening kulgannya and problems with the pelvic organs to consult specialists, nevrahirurgav. Surgical treatment option due to the displacement of the disc will not shut down.

Minsk clinicians, PhD Alexander on the basis of acquaintance with an extract from the case of Dmitry Bondarenko concluded:

Here the most important thing — you need a few days rest. And in the heat …

"Yes. Entire picture is associated with a hernia, which contains further into the spinal canal, there peratsiskae roots completely, and then really disrupted the function of the pelvic organs, mean urination, defekatsyyu. And there are exceptions legs may be broken of their sensitivity. The fact that he has a cut, sensitivity disorder, it indicates that something serious.'ve got to look MRI as it shifted the disk. Rather, there is a shift toward the spinal canal, the canal could eventually be stopped and all these roots in spine-spinal fluid may zvisats. course, the pain unbearable. Here the most important thing — you need a few days rest. And in the heat. If getting up, only the toilet or eat. And nevrahirurgichna need to decide everything. "

"In the case of disability of the patient or his relatives never prove that this is due to a delay provide him proper medical care"

Says Olga Bondarenko, continuous and severe pain, which tells in his letters from prison of her husband, are also connected with the aggravation of other diseases — gout, ulcers of the stomach. For example, in gout toes begin to swell and hurt so much that people can not only walk, but also to sleep. Without painkillers start to literally climb the walls:

"Those pills, which I handed to him, he gets too painkiller injections. But his underlying illness scares me. After all, even here there are problems with the pelvic organs. Course, in isolation will not be able to treat it. Here are two options. Either operation or, if there is a chance to conservative therapy — this blockade. Anyway here is only possible patient care. findings, which they claimed I passed along a lawyer medsanchatku.'s lawyer asked for me regarding response time. To which she said, in within a month. Though such terms apply to private persons, relatives and a lawyer must it's much faster. However, she said — all the same month. And she was not allowed any phone. Nor medsanchatkay attorney can not contact any office of. "

On He said Alexander, the most sad and tragic in this situation, in case of disability of the patient or his relatives never prove that this is due to a delay provide him proper medical care:

What is nevralyagichnyya disease from the point of view of public interest? Nothing …

"This is not an appendix, not peretonit not pnevmatoraks requiring immediate surgery for health reasons. Nevralyagichnyya And what is the disease from the point of view of the public interest? Nothing. Many people, especially in rural areas that are lame, have back problems, etc. .? "

Medic with regret suggests that the statements Michalevic torture of prisoners through the same stretch, which in one session can damage joints and spine man remained for many physicians or heard, or not perceived.


Bondarenko, radykulapatyya

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