Dossier of gray aliens

More often than not in the evidence of encounters with alien beings appear with gray skin and black eyes.

Let's start the story of the "gray" from their origin. They claim that comes from the constellation grid, which, apparently, from the southern hemisphere and is located at a distance of 37 light years. However, they have instead of our concept of "constellation" that defines a flat piece of the sky, the notion of "star group", that is, stars that are close in space and connected by gravity. Stellar group of "gray" refers to the name of each star — a sign of their alphabet, and her world — the same sign with numbers.

According to this calculation the native address Tair "gray" is: Reticuli star-studded group, double stars Zeta1 and Zeta 2 with a single planetary system, planet Zeta1 & 2-4, then a fourth of them. The planet rotates on its axis in about 90 Earth hours, almost no axial tilt, that is, and the seasons, but it has two seasons of suns that within a year out and go for each other. The climate in the polar and middle zones of the planet is cold, so the population is in the equatorial and tropical, where warm and there is plenty of fresh water.

Genetic split Grey race, or "Zeta Reticuli", as they call themselves by birth, and includes a two types: the "natural" growth of 1.7-2 meters and a "modified" growth 0.8 -1.4 meters.
"Natural" look came from said aqueous medium. S it is dominated by reptilian quality, even though it is a two-legged, the shape similar to a humanoid. The way society — racial hierarchy based on hypnotic advantage ruling circles.

In ancient times, the star group Reticuli was conquered civilization technologically advanced humanoids from the constellation of Orion. Orions, seeing in "natural gray" endurance and ability to adapt, have its other role working on race, because not all his ideas Orion civilization considers worthy to embody itself. However, the "natural gray" because of their racial hostility and physical strength would be dangerous to close contacts. Therefore, from their individual copies was put undersized humble view, the so-called "modified gray." However, after a few generations they are almost back to its previous form due to strong hereditary mechanisms. Orions then expelled their sexual method of reproduction and replaced it with cloning. But now, without the natural mode of transmission of heredity, was actually kind of degenerate.

Orions considered illogical engage opposite thing — it can be restored, and it was dumped on the shoulders of the "modified gray." Since then, their main task was to survive, and the method of its solutions — improving self-cloning and genetic experiments, in particular, on the Earth, where it would use the stolen people and animals.

The anatomy

Due to constant corrections to the next generation of gene those gray clones increasingly moving away from the concept of "living creatures" to the term "biorobots." Here are their anatomical features.
Gray leather — a legacy from the home planet, irradiated two stars. The color it is given substances that protect against radiation. Because of it's the body never has hair.

Black, seemingly impenetrable eyes — neither more nor less than protective filters, which are hidden behind the normal eyeballs with pupils. In the frontal part of the brain has a body, which presumably acts as an electromagnetic circuit communication. In fact — it bioradio. However, because of its low power (up to several tens of meters), you will not catch the talk "gray" on your receiver, even very special. The absence of ear prevents the "gray" good to hear surrounding sounds skin and subcutaneous nerves. Small nose and mouth are breathing holes, while the latest generation nasal wells are excluded because of the inability to close their mouth like being in extreme environments.

Teeth and digestive system are not available, "Gray" feed lying in baths of liquid amber and absorbing nutrients from it through the pores of the skin. In the chest is a pair of lungs, and between them — a pear-shaped organ that combines the functions of the heart and liver. Instead of the intestine — a tubular chamber, keeping the supply of nutrients. They are connected by a "reverse esophagus" pear-shaped with said body, which regulates the flow of substances in the blood.
What is characteristic of the Clones, "gray" are not reproducing organs.

The hands and feet — on four of long, thin fingers, between which a small degree manifested residual membrane.

Of intelligence

As for the ability to solve logic problems, intelligence quotient (IQ) in the "gray" is 250, while the norm for a human is 100 IQ. At the same time, the "gray" almost not own intuitive thinking and fall into confusion, if the problem can not be solved by formal logic. How to remember the earth negotiators from military bases, sometimes to make a decision in the emergency in the "gray" take up to 10-12 hours, though noted that it appeared soon after moonrise. Because it was assumed that there is a repeater, through which the "gray" consult with their supervisors in deep space.

Science and Technology

"Grey" in their thinking stamped unable to discovery, and almost everything on what they fly and what are — not the fruit of technological progress. Prohibitive (with terrestrial point of view) technology to them by Orion civilization, but only so that there is no danger to herself. "Grey" excellent learned to operate and maintain the equipment, but they are of great scientific and technological interest Orions are considered suspicious and stop.
Sometimes, though, the "gray" are used as a part-time staff in the Orion Research. Own research and development, they have not, except for the forced barbaric genetic experiments, which have already been mentioned.

Recommendations for contacts

It is clear that the meeting with the "gray", to put it mildly, does not improve the life of no man. Therefore it is advisable to avoid any contact with UFOs, without asking, to which civilization they are relevant — it is likely that it is to the persons involved in this article. In the event that they kidnap people, few of us can resist their paralyzing methods. Most remains the most affordable method of self-defense — to simulate hereditary insanity that cools interest "gray" to your genes.

Contacting law enforcement agencies for the protection of the "gray" probably will not work. Today, the official position of the structures in this aspect — the unwavering silence. You can only rely on themselves.

Author: V.Grigorev

Category: UFOs and aliens

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