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Hmm … just amazed! I'm sitting at home in the evening, listening to the "Echo of Moscow", and there leading the news quotes the president of North Ossetia Dzasokhova that allegedly Mr. President at a meeting of the Public Committee for the victims of the Beslan said that the situation in Beslan, more or less normal, failed to prevent inter-ethnic collision, and that the city no more scams.
Maybe so, maybe true, maybe not scams out there, but I know exactly where they are. And they are not going anywhere, and just 100 meters from the presidential residence in Vladikavkaz in the premises of the Republican Children's Library, regularly conduct seminars and feel like Belial's bosom.
The politician must be far-sighted. But this is some really very strange vision: to see what is going on in a nearby town and at the same time to focus not notice what's going on behind the windows across the street.
And that's what's going on there I want to tell.


On the Internet, you can read my article "Who is a terrorist?". It is dedicated to the tragedy in Beslan. But it was not all about her. At that moment, the Beslan tragedy was the reason for me to start talking about a global tragedy of modern society — the murder of innocents is not Basayev's fighters, and their mothers. The article was about abortion.
In September of Beslan in the media wrote or spoke only the lazy and stupid journalist. Why — no need to explain. I did not write. Not because of laziness or stupidity, but because it just in Beslan in those days there was, I did not see this horror with my own eyes, I did not save children did not run under the bullets did not hear explosions. So I could not afford to practice eloquence based on "competent sources." The only thing that I allowed myself to do — is to compare the two tragedies: one — a clear, momentary, a local that has taken place in the Beslan school, and another — a secret, silent, anesthetized with the latest analgesics, continued under the protection of the law for decades in sterile silence of gynecological surgeries and -blowing annually 4000000 (only according to official statistics) of children's lives.
When tapes of news flashed the name of occult charlatan Gregory Grabovogo, my first reaction, as a priest and as a person engaged in the problems of totalitarian sects, was to take up the pen. How to start writing any journalistic work? That's right, with the collection of information. I went to a network search engine and typed two words: "Grabovoj. Beslan. " After 10 seconds, has received more than 40 references. I was surprised that such a diverse, mixed and motley Internet in one voice say, "Grabovoj — rascal", "Grabovoj revives victims of terrorists for 39000 rubles", "Relatives of the dead children Grabovoi gave all their compensation." And I've never seen in a global web of such phenomenal unity: both secular and Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant, and Islamic network media said the same thing. His acts in Beslan Grabovoj united opinion centuries irreconcilable opponents. In light of all this is quite difficult to be suspected of the world's major religions in a deliberate conspiracy to defame the honor of "the great altruist", "healer" and a "good guy" Grisha deathly. In short, it was clear that in this case the Internet is clearly not lying.
One and a half hours of exciting activities — clicking a mouse on the links convinced me that I write about the deathly not. All have written to me. Reading the Internet has convinced me that the media has put together a coffin at the coffin and beat him with nails and my personal nail is unclaimed. But alas …
Today in the Church of the fast, frequent service, the priest of free time a little bit. Almost a week I went to serve in the neighboring city of Vladikavkaz Alagir. And held this week for the commission of worship, reading the lives of saints and good communication with our parishioners. When he returned not believe my eyes, because I just could not entertain the thought that this could be, especially here and now. The entire center of Vladikavkaz was plastered with flyers advertising Grabovogo who asked to attend a seminar, for several days passing in a room CHILD (!) Library. There and then I typed in the mobile phone number listed in the ad. At the end of the tube with a nice girl raised her voice, which announced the move with me to the entrance to the workshop — 50 rubles (by the way a little bit. Moscow fun it can cost up to 2,000 p.) Within four minutes of expensive mobile time I was trying to find the girl, what this seminar, as will be discussed who the Coffin? The girl just said that did not tell myself that I should come and listen to the student Grabovogo and understand everything. Thus, one of the principles of fair business: product — a person who has been broken. Then I decided to go to the rear and politely asked, "Is not this Grabovoj whose employees have worked a lot in Beslan?", And received an affirmative answer. Then I asked, "and not about whether your teacher recently wrote" News? ". "This" duck "- she answered and hung up.
"One is safety in numbers" — I said to myself, and when he got home was to call the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, the Committee on Religious Affairs, the arrival of the Armenian Apostolic Church, a mosque and a pastor and evangelical Christians-Baptists Peter Lunichkinu. I requested to send their representatives to the seminar just listen to what will be discussed. Responded to all! It turned out that in the face of a scoundrel Grabovogo able to instantly unite those at any other time ready to argue themselves hoarse about the dogmas, laws and concepts. Nothing unites like a common enemy presence.
Simple cheater now very few people care, but Beslan swindler — a special category. This is not just another "Bender" Diluting suckers. There's blood … and money Grabovogo in children's blood.
Only the imam at the mosque told me: "We did not come." — "Why" — I asked. "I think you will have enough."
At 17.00 we were all in the library. The room except me, the pastor Peter Lunichkina and director of the Republican House of Friendship were about 50 people who came to listen to the great student of the great master. Trainees was two — Yuri, whose name I did not have time to write and Igor Yegorov, a very colorful appearance — the spitting image of the priest — the beard to Persia and knotted rubber band "tail." We Egorova on the right hand index finger is not, so when he had to make a pointing gesture, he exhibited an average, a gesture that betrayed a certain ambiguity. Let the reader not to jump to conclusions: good pop, a human finger there, and at the very okay so it also mocks. By the finger is not, we shall return.
The lecture began and I realized that I was cruelly mistaken. Lying to the Internet. For individual work does not take Grabovoj 39000 — it takes 39500. Why not 40,000, then that, too.
Lecturer, Yuri, whose name I can not remember came out, and stood before the hall … but here are some quotes without comment:
"Great Vanga foretold that the doctrine Grabovogo will be distributed in Russia, and in Russia around the world."
"Grabovoj came to this planet with a mission of salvation"
"Grabovoj saved us all, but not everyone knows about it"
"Grabovoj as Christ teaches us as one who had authority"
"1-10 September we (!) To manage the future of Beslan, but the (evil — AP) Beslan his sympathy and feelings provoked what happened"
"There are 50 methods of the resurrection of the dead, the most effective — the 47th, 19th worse"
"We sent a ray of love terrorists"
"39,500 rubles symbolically represent the kingdom of Far Far Away Fifth Dimension"
Talked also about a Japanese woman, who being 70 years old, thanks to the methods Grabovogo younger suddenly so rapidly that the doctors were afraid not to be overtaken it in childhood. Question: Is it possible to look this picture? lecturer is not assumed. Another talked about the videotape, where Grabovoj demonstrates "resurrected" them people. Question: and the process also removed? just was not meant.
I remember how, during the "perestroika" Yuri Longo in the morgue, "raised the" naked bum (not for free, of course) and how much was the noise. Personally, I have no doubt that this bum could easily ascend and before the camera, if you gave him more.
In addition to the resurrection of the dead and talked a lot about the rejuvenation of the living. "You ask me — said the speaker — why am I balding and graying can not rejuvenate itself?" And immediately explained, it turns out, rejuvenation occurs in a proportion of 1/3, ie person lives for three years, and during this time younger by one year. Iron argument.
This whole theater of the absurd was thoroughly spiced with quotations from the Gospel, distorted and undistorted do not have an analogue in the text of the Gospel. The words "As it is written," spoke for themselves and did their work, causing the feeling of the sublime.
As time went on, I outlined, put a sheet on her knee, side by side, pouting, then shaking, then nodding his head in time with the waves of silent indignation, sat Pastor Peter Lunichkin previously recruited middle-aged ladies at the forefront sighed wearily.
"Record — proclaims lecturer — any person at any time to manage any process, acting as the Creator!" Ladies in the front row who hear this postulate is in the N-th time as teammates begin to whisper notebooks. Those who are staying at the kingdom of Far Far Away Fifth Dimension, lost notebooks at home, puzzled.
The apogee of all of this was the announcement that Grabovoj in 2008 to run for president of Russia, and has created his own party, "DRUGG" (The further development of the doctrine of Gregory Grabovogo).
So quietly ended the first part of the lecture and began the second — on request.
"Please, questions" — Yegorov said.
I raised my hand, "Tell me, please, Igor, here you throughout lectures appealing to the Gospel. But as far as I can judge my knowledge of the New Testament, not for preaching, not for healing, not for the resurrection of Christ did not take the money, content with voluntary donations. In light of this fact, on what basis do you compare Grabovogo with Christ? "
Egorov posted for a long time and it is not clear, but I like Muller, remember the last phrase: "Money — it is the most concentrated energy."
"Then the oligarchs — the coolest psychics" — I interrupted. Ladies from the first series shushed.
But the main spectacle began when I started to quote from Scripture:
Is.43: 11 I, I am the Lord and there is no savior besides Me.
Matf.24 23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there — do not believe it.
Ioan.10: 1 Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever shall not the door into the sheepfold, but climbs some other way, is a thief and a robber;
Matf.24: 5 For many will come in my name, and say, "I am the Christ, 'and will deceive many.
Matf.24: 24 For false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
2Pet.2 1 were also false prophets among the people, as you will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
2Kor.11: 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light,
1Ioan.4: 1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets have gone in the world.
Boo turned into a scream, "Shut up," "Sit down," "We did not come to listen to you," "Go back to your church! There's nothing to speak! "
Short of a ray of love there is not a photon, and the collapse of good sun and turned into a black hole of hate.
Tactical error Egorova was an attempt to seem polite and invite me to the stage. The second branch was spoiled irrevocably. I went on to quote, as fans continued to yell at the concert of "Alice." I felt like a star.
Fuel to the fire poured an old man, "Okay! Good! I do not mind. Let Grabovoj be! So be it! But first let this … before you revive people grew a new finger, that's when … ". Angered by the roar of the fans and sane laughter of the audience did not let him finish.
I want to pay tribute to Peter Lunichkinu. Which was colder and using all the calm, rose from his meta and quietly told the story of some unfortunate parents who have lost a child. They gave Grabovoi last money that he raised him. Took the money, and after the time declared that the soul of the child does not want to go back. As a result, no money, no children. The room is silent.
"What can or want to!" — Someone screamed and concert "Alice" continued. Petr now felt like a star.
Went from house to house is not easy. The guard closed the library and go to the store. We stayed inside. But he came back and came out with us.
Here is the story of one dark December evening, conducted by your humble prayer, sinful priest Alexander and his friends in the community representatives of the fifth race of the Aquarian Age.
And now one-thirty am the next day, I was finishing the article, I drink tea, and I catch myself thinking that I still love our people, but today I was terribly ashamed for them.

Priest Alexander Pikalev.


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