Earthlings in the service of aliens

Rumors that aliens are abducting people, perhaps, no surprise for anybody. But the reasons for the abductions could be different, including the possibility of mutual cooperation between the civilizations! The story of one of Australia's pilots, perhaps, can be attributed to another fiction, if not for a number of unexplained facts in this story, also supported by material evidence?

In October 1967, the Australian captain Valentich on the plane, "Cessna-172" flew out of Melbourne on one of the islands. After 23 minutes, he said that to him directly on the course approaching aircraft, having a truncated sphere. Preserved a tape recording of negotiations with Valentich dispatcher. Valentich: — God, what he is huge! He comes from the top, with the advantage of height and speed. I'll try to go to the peak …

Dispatcher: — I see you on the radar, it is much more, go down, or a collision is imminent! Valentich: — At the bottom of the hatch opens on two sides … "Next the tape clearly states the metallic rattle and record broken. To the place of the alleged accident took off Air Force fighters and four civilian aircraft. Either in the air or on the water, "Cessna" was not found. Even oil stains on the surface of the sea … Radar captured, as after a collision with the "Cessna" flying object, dramatically increasing the speed and went straight up.

In 1982, the border guard commander, Lt. Col. Kazantsev received a report of the arrest in the immediate vicinity of the Soviet-Chinese border ufologist Sarychev (part of the name at the request of participants in the events and for some other reasons to change.) When Sarychev were Chairman of the cover letter for the study of paranormal phenomena, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Vsevolod Troitsky and strange capsule black. The capsule, according to the reports, Sarychev picked at the height of 1204. Inside was a rolled-up plate. When she recovered, she was a slight rustle instantly straightened without the slightest trace of coagulation. On the plate — the text in English, the substance caused a bright orange color. It read:

"I, Frederick Valentich, J., flight instructor, was captured together with my plane," Cessna-172 "UFO 10/10/67, at 45 miles to the south of Melbourne. Due to the very limited time and extreme danger of my position, stating the most important thing. The fact that I was asked, greatly struck my fancy. Later I came to the conclusion that an effect on my psyche by several factors:

First, UFOs and their pilots — a reality, and secondly, the unusual proposal — to pilot a spaceship aliens. Here it is, contact with another civilization, and implement it, I, Frederick Valentich! So I thought. But the most attractive was a fantastic offer to stay in the same physical body, that is, not growing old, for 25 years (the time of contact, signed by me with the aliens). The proposal has overshadowed everything, even the few purely human affection. At the time of the deal, I could only remember that my parents died, I'm single, no children, the aunt and two girls, with whom I met, I do not remember, which is further evidence of a strong psychological impact.

Giant UFO, where I have to work — a cargo ship. The crew, except the people trapped, as I do, — two or three alien. They all belong to a civilization from the constellation of the Pleiades, and represent some interplanetary organization with six civilizations from Orion, the Swan and the Big Dog, which includes our solar system. They, like us — Protein-energy substance with oxygen breathing and similar structure.

Questions about what they do on Earth, aliens have repeatedly answered that lead research. According to my observation, this is just a screen for the real activity and tranquility of conscience of other earthlings who signed as I was forced to contract. Our main cargo from Earth — liquid oxygen, the resulting units are mounted on a UFO. These "researchers" impudently steal the most valuable part of the earth's atmosphere. And idiots like me to actively help them in this. The main route of our ship — Earth-Callisto (moon of Jupiter, with a mass approximately equal to the mass of the Earth), where the large, permanent base. Oxygen is loaded into containers of metal. Filling volume can estimate the weight — a large balloon weighs less than 110 pounds, small — half the size. Maximum number of vessels, which are taken for one flight to Callisto our ship, more than 12 000 large and 5000 small tanks. Imagine how much oxygen is taken out from the earth, if we do sometimes twice a week!

God help me and those who find the letter! Russian or Chinese, please pass the capsule in the Australian Embassy in your country … "This is the main content of a sensational discovery. Of course, it raises many questions, and the first of them — the degree of reliability. And here it may not convince reproduced trained memory of Emil Bachurin copies of examination, to which he had access.

Read into sheets with remarks "on the form of the Central Laboratory of the KGB expert on 29.09.82 was." "On the letterhead of the Institute of Astronomy of the USSR of 10.10.82, the" or "on the letterhead of the Institute of Technical Physics of the Chelyabinsk-40 from 11/12/82, the" Everywhere neck — "Top Secret."

Here is what the signature of a member of the Academy of Sciences by accident, addressed to a special expert commission of the Presidium of the USSR: "Stunning physical and mechanical characteristics of the materials, their unusual chemical composition and structure of the following conclusions: Materials obtained from unknown to mankind and technology may beyond the Earth. The plate is the source of an unknown radiation enormous penetrating power illuminates all kinds of cinema and films.

Many other facts described Valentich, were subjected to the modernized system analysis at our institute program authorship. Result: the author, ie, Valentich could not invent it myself and even be read in science fiction, being a UFO in 1967 … "The fate of" pennant "Valentich was as follows. Mysterious plate was transferred to the Australian Embassy. Established there a special commission, which held a handwriting expert, concluded that the text on the plate and writing instructor magazine Melbourne aviaklube belong to the same person — Frederick Valentich.

Legendary stalker Perm Anomalous Zone Emil Bachurin said that the Earth — space division to focus. There are "good and bad guys from the dishes." The "good" are eager to help, the "bad" — to pump out of the Earth's interior as much as possible. It turns out that humans have stolen not only oxygen, but also the "black gold"? And Valentich. Maybe it something else? It is not good, the brothers on reason!

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