Economic forum in St. Petersburg

Economic forum in St. PetersburgIn St. Petersburg, there is an international economic forum, which presents the delegation with many countries in Europe and the world, including the chief executives of some states. In this forum, a lot of attention was paid to the economic development of the countries of Western Europe and the U.S. since the financial crisis of 2008.

Western economists emphasize that Russia is no longer just a resource, and do all the steps to diversify its economy to innovative production. Because of this, the Western countries are ready to consider Russian business is not something barbaric, but as part of a pan-European, with some quite significant.

The forum also discussed some of the political aspects of the economy. For example, one of the representatives hinted that Russia is beneficial NATO operation against Iran and Israel, because the price of oil at once would be very greatly increased. But every dollar increase in the price of oil gives the Russian GDP (gross domestic product) of about three billion dollars. Russia categorically denied this claim, calling it fundamentally wrong and unjustified real facts.

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