En + can resume construction of hydropower plants in the Kuzbass, environmentalists against

En + Group is studying the possibility of resumption of suspended during the Soviet years Krapivinsky HPP on the Tom River in the Kemerovo region, said at a public discussion of the issue project manager Krasnoyarsk representative of "EuroSibEnergo" (part of En +) Leonid Khalyapin.

In turn, a number of Tomsk and Kemerovo scholars and social activists opposed the resumption of construction of hydroelectric power plants. They stated on the public discussion of the future Krapivinskoye site, which was held on Friday in Tomsk with the support of the Public Chamber of Russia.

Frozen node

Krapivinsky waterworks located on the Tom River in the district of the Kemerovo region Krapivinskoye (center area). At the time, it was designed for water supply and water quality in the river Tom, heavily polluted with industrial effluents with associated power generation.

Construction work began in 1975. In 1989, the construction of hydroelectric stopped. By this time, the readiness hydroelectric plants is 60-70%, in the bed of the reservoir had been cut 42 thousand hectares of forest are resettled more than three thousand people from 20 villages. Waterworks was thrown, conservation structures was conducted.

The planned capacity of hydro — 300 MW, annual yield — about 1.9 billion kWh. Height of dam — 52 meters. Pressure building should form a large hydroelectric dam Krapivinskoye volume 11.7 cubic kilometers.

According Khalyapin, now a group of companies En + "eyeing what potential generation facilities can be effective in terms of economy and environmentally less severe."

"We are looking at generation facilities Amur River basin of the Lena and its tributaries, on the Yenisei, and came to the attention Krapivinsky waterworks. We just look closely and collect material into the problem, and we have a process of sifting inefficient projects. Of the dozens of projects in the short term we have to select two, maximum three, and open their implementation ", — said the" EuroSibEnergo. "

He stressed that the specific intent with respect to the node Krapivino company does not, "we look closely to it, like all other objects."

"He is attractive because it is, and something has been done. Environmental concerns, of course, serious. Environmentally harsh place we never take for implementation. We will listen carefully to this debate. And then for myself will make a decision — it is interesting to us that object or not. Until this decision is not "- said Khalyapin.

He noted that the interest in Krapivino waterworks En + shows in the region due to the presence of a large asset OK "Rusal", in which the company owns 47.41% of shares — Novokuznetsk aluminum smelter (NkAZ).

"The plant, which is under reconstruction with the ramp up, with better environmental performance, will need to increase consumption. And we wonder that it has been generated as part of our company, not to buy from the outside and use his" — told Khalyapin.

The risk is too great

"Tomic is good, they will benefit from it more than clear water. Kemerovo But enough environmental problems", — said at a hearing member of the Public Chamber of the Kemerovo region, Sc.D., head of the department of ecology of plant resources of the Institute of Human Ecology, RAS Andrey Kupriyanov.

According to him, is far more relevant for Kuzbass development of generating capacities on coal, which is mined in the region. However, the resumption of construction of power plants has serious environmental risks.

"We need to take a huge area is the sea. Clayey land there, all Zabolots. They will drown, all overgrown with willows — and no benefit to the public will not be … And then, the reservoir will change the climate. Grayling will be completely destroyed, the remains of trout, will be fully violated fish spawning opportunities, "- said the scientist.

He stressed that the resumption of construction against Krapivinskoye waterworks authorities were Kemerovo region and the Public Chamber of the region.

"The question should be placed on the Elimination of hydropower, not to resume construction", — concluded the professor.

In turn, the head of the Department of Hydrology at Tomsk State University, Doctor of Geological Sciences Valery Zemtsov noted that the construction of hydropower shipping worsen the situation on Tom, and may complicate the passage of spring flooding near Tomsk.

"We want to do on Tom low water situation in the flood every year. Flood lost. And if there is a large supply of water, the ice will accumulate at any time and may face congestion and flooding of Tomsk," — said Zemtsov.

Attending the meeting of deputy Ivan Klein said that the authorities of the Tomsk region and against the resumption of building hydropower plants in Kuzbass.

"There is a fundamental message at the federal level on inexpediency construction of hydropower. Position Tomsk region — we are against the construction of the hydro" — said Klein.

As a result, the scientists, representatives of environmental organizations and the public in both regions have adopted a resolution according to which the construction of hydropower plants is unacceptable. In addition, they offer to local authorities to initiate appeal to the government with a request to convert a hydraulic structure — for example, a bridge, or dismantle it.

"Evrosibenergo" controls 18 power plants with a total capacity of 19.5 GW, and coal deposits, with reserves of 1.2 billion tons, sales and engineering companies.

En + Group — the leading Russian industrial group, brings together companies in the field of non-ferrous metals and mining, energy, as well as strategically related industries. En + Group is the controlling shareholder (47.41%), the world's largest alumina and aluminum producer UC RUSAL, the largest privately owned Russian energy company "EuroSibEnergo", Russia's largest producer of Ferro SMR, significant coal deposits and logistics business. Other businesses En + Group's projects include the production of iron ore, gold and other resources, and nuclear energy. Key assets of En + Group located in Eastern Siberia, in the immediate vicinity of the fast-growing Asian markets. At the Company's En + Group employs more than 100,000 employees.

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