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Since its founding, "Voenmech" trained specialists for the military-industrial complex is engaged in this today. What does the modern engineer must represent?

On the 80th anniversary of that Baltic State Technical University "Voenmech" named DF Ustinov noted last year, one of the leading technical universities in the country came up with good results. The main achievement of "Voenmech" — its graduates, among them the country's leaders, astronauts, scientists, businessmen and bankers. And of course, the staff and the heads of the military-industrial enterprises. 
From the level of preparation of the defense industry depends on the state of the military-industrial complex as a whole. Today, in addition to the main stream of entrants to university on a general basis, there are back-up space for public procurement, which in terms of training is based on the State program of development of weapons GPV-2020. This document regulates the procurement and development of equipment for the army of the Russian Federation. By 2015, the share of modern weapons in the army, navy and air should be increased to 30%, and by 2020 — up to 70%. To these figures have come true, the program provides personnel support to regulate the number and specialization required of employees in the industry, taking into account new types of weapons and new technologies.

Not only "Voenmech", but other technical universities are faced with the fact that they are being forced to cut "non-core" humanities disciplines and faculties. This is especially important for schools that receive state orders for graduates. "If the overall percentage reduction of budget places around 6% a year, on the humanities — about 20%, by the arts faculties in engineering colleges observed the reduction of budget places to zero" — said the rector, "Voenmech" Professor Konstantin Ivanov said at a meeting with journalists which was held at the press center of St. Petersburg branch of RIA Novosti. However, the management of the University does not agree with this, as the training of managers, economists, and even linguists carried out with reference to the fact that the graduates will work in the defense industry, and this requires an understanding of the industry, its problems and needs, and in an economic institution to obtain such knowledge can not be . "Humanities subjects techies lack unequivocally feel it and communicative skills of people who come to us to work", — said Deputy General Director of Personnel Management Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Association" Impulse "Olga Zhuravlev. The enterprise has organized additional courses in psychology, the development of communications, because the modern engineer must be able not only to carry out its technical challenge, but also be able to communicate with colleagues, to defend their views, and just be a well-rounded person. Therefore, humanitarian training for technicians and teachers is seen, and future employers a very important component.

Technicians also prepare not on narrow specialties, and the fact that they are oriented in related fields. After all, modern technology consists of many components and specialist needs to know all of them.
Speaking of the different approaches to the organization of higher education, Ivanov gave one example of a regional Norwegian university that trains specialists, based on the needs of the region, but because it combines the departments of economics, fisheries, school nurses and school police. In this case, all the experts have a very competitive training. In our country, this institution is unlikely to have existed.

In "VOENMECH" along with training in traditional engineering programs and develop new and promising direction — modern information technology. The information in the modern world can be a weapon and a means of protection, and be of great value to a potential enemy. So, do not wait goszkaza for professionals in the field of information security, the university began their training, confident that without these specialists is now the country can not do, and tomorrow — even more so.

Author:Julia Smirnova

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