Engineers UMPO constructed apparatus for recovery of metals from solution is

JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association» — the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in the Russian Federation. The association has more than 15,000 people. The principal activities of JSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" are the manufacture, maintenance and repair of turbine aircraft engine production and repair of helicopter units, production of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Engineer "UMPO" together with colleagues invented and designed the original installation, allowing electrochemical reduction of nickel ions by removing metal from the solution with 97% efficiency.  The device is put into production in 2008 and is now operating successfully in the electroplating shop UMPO.

The project, designed by a young scientist practitioner with the assistance of the Department of General Chemistry USATU devoted to topical issues of reducing the nickel content in the waste water and cost of consumables (valuable components can return to the production process).

The annual effect of the use of know-how has made more than 400 thousand rubles, net profit — 300 rubles.

The electroplating process is one of the most important in the production of parts and components of aircraft engines. Chemical nickel plating stage in UMPO pass both small-and large-sized parts, including complex configuration. Past processing parts have increased durability.

Scientific and practical work engineer "UMPO" Sergey Anisimov recognized as the best in the "Industrial ecology" All-Russian competition of projects "Environmental security and environmental management: science, innovation, management" organized by the All-Russian trade association of employers "Ecosphere" (President — Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev).

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