Europeans see the possibility of creating a «Reaper»

Europeans see the possibility of creating a
Frustrated trivial selectivity against U.S. allies to provide the right tools for the integration of their drums drones, Italian Air Force consider all possible candidates, including by creating a «black program» (black program) armed UAVs euro medium-long duration flight (medium-altitude / long-endurance — MALE), reports May 9.
Rome has requested the integration of tools for MQ-9 Reaper (pictured) almost two years back, but no response to this request, Washington is «not acceptable», said the Secretary General of Defense and the Director of ammunition Debertolis Italy Claudio (Claudio Debertolis), Aviation Week reported on May 8.
Italy acquired South American percussion UAV General Atomics MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper, since they would be swiftly oriented to strengthen the International Coalition forces in Afghanistan than to wait for the production of such UAVs in Europe. «At the whim of the U.S. government» Italy can not upgrade these drones, but an instrument for these UAVs is a «high priority» for the Italian troops, says the chief of the Italian Air Force Logistics Services General Alberto Rosso (Alberto Rosso). «The U.S. is not the only country that can provide those needs. We can turn up alternative, «the general said.
Italy is in talks with potential European partners to make an armed UAV, which referred to as Debertolis Super MALE. Work on this program there has not yet begun because potential partners have not yet agreed to go ahead. But the aim is that by 2017 on the basis of the available technology to make such a drone. If programm will move forward, this project can be presented at the Paris Air Show next month.
Yet, equipping a weapon Italian «Predator» and «Reapers» as before is the «preferred option,» says Rosso. General hopes that the U.S. will accept a positive decision on this issue.
This situation occurs on the background of what the U.S. has provided the opportunity to integrate their England gun on MQ-9 Reaper. London integrates these drones missiles MBDA Brimsone. These SD on its characteristics akin Hellfire missiles with radar homing millimeter spectrum filled warhead tandem to defeat armored targets. In addition, the British «Reapers» has equipped Hellfire missiles and guided bombs (ASD) GBU-12 Paveway II caliber 500 pounds with laser guidance.
Italy uses UAV MQ-1 Predator in Afghanistan and is preparing to return them home, instead of bring back MQ-9 Reaper. Italian Air Force had hoped to merge the gun on the «Reapers» at the time of rotation. But for a long time waiting for a decision in United States, even if it is positive, led to what is on the integration of tools is not enough money, said Rosso.

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