Evenk hunters get more than 10 thousand rubles for the extracted wolf

 Payment Evenk hunters prey of wolves to increase by 5.5% — to 10.55 rubles per adult predator, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday committee chairman for the north and the indigenous peoples of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region Anatoly Amosov.

Wolves are causing great damage to the home in the Evenki reindeer. Only in the pastures of the largest in the reindeer herding "Surindinskoe 'lives at least 320 gray predators. It is estimated that in 2012, the damage from them exceeded 3 million rubles.

"In recent years, increased dramatically in the Evenki population of wolves. Economy in 2011 lost 600 head of deer. Now" Surindinskom "4.5 thousand head of reindeer. Wolves are one of the limiting factors in the development of domestic reindeer", — said the director of the Economy " Surindinskoe "Victor Gayulsky.

Increasing payments to hunters for prey animals, regional authorities want to encourage the fight against predators. Payments for adult wolf will be increased from 10 thousand to 10.55 thousand rubles per adult wolf with nine thousand rubles to 9.495 thousand rubles, a young wolf (one year) with five thousand rubles to 5.55 rubles.

"Wolf problem is relevant not only for us but also for the neighboring Yakutia. Unfortunately, many years of not being normal function to regulate the number of wolves" — said the Chairman of the Committee on Northern Affairs and Indigenous Peoples of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

According Amoz, the decision to increase payments to hunters must be approved by the Legislative Assembly in February.

According to the administration Evenkia, in 2012, was produced in the 56 wolves in 2011 — 53 wolves in 2010 — 66 individuals.

Estimated number of wolves in the Evenki (along with polar wolves) is about five thousand individuals, told RIA Novosti Sc.D., professor of biology and game management KrasGAU Anatoly Suvorov.

"For the quality control of livestock wolves must return the system of the sixties of the last century, when the payment for the extraction of the cub was almost similar to the charges for shooting a full-grown wolf. Now produce cubs unprofitable, as it is much more difficult than adults to hunt predators. Need to know and look for den "- says Suvorov, who finished first in the eighties in Russia for production of wolves (together with a partner, they produced 69 animals).

Moreover, Suvorov said that the shooting of adult animals undermines "spatial structure" of a wolf. Instead of a few predators, living in a certain area, protecting it from invading aliens, there are swarms of young wolves, "Vikings", which cause serious damage to reindeer.

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