Every sixth person in the EU can barely make ends meet

According to the report, the statistical agency Eurostat, the European Union 81 million inhabitants could not live a month on their own income and savings, if it were suddenly without social benefits.


Of these, more than 12 million lives in Germany, accounting for 15% of our population. At risk to be without means of subsistence are 11 million people in the UK and Italy. Most financially vulnerable in relation to the total population accounted for Latvia and Romania, where one in four could not survive without government assistance. The most prosperous country in terms of the risk of poverty is the Czech Republic, where only 9% of the population lives exclusively from social benefits, without a nest egg for a rainy day.

42 million EU citizens due to modest incomes can not afford the number of goods and services necessary for a full life in a particular region. For example, in Eastern Europe, they have to save on heating living spaces in winter, refuse to regular consumption of meat and fish, and can not go on a week-long visit during the annual vacation. In richer countries sign modest life is often a lack of a washing machine, a car or a color TV. Most poorer Europeans living in Romania, where the figure is 7,000,000, or 32% of the total population. In Germany, the "no surplus" cost 4.5 million, or about 6% of the population. Low levels of physical limitations boasts Sweden, where only 1.5% of the population are much more frugal lifestyle than most of their fellow citizens.

Note that about 34 million Europeans voluntarily waive higher incomes, using no more than 20% of the labor potential in the opportunity to work in full force. The most advanced in this respect are the inhabitants of our country, where 7 million people are not willing to increase the intensity of their work provided a higher salary.

Carmen Kirsing

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