Expert: Our pilots encountered a UFO hundreds of times

Once again we return to the article "Exactly at 4.10 …"

The latest issue of the 2012 (December 28) "Work" published an article "What happened at exactly 4.10? '. Old story about the meeting of two of our passenger aircraft with an unidentified flying object remains zagadkoy.Vot it:

This publication is 28-year-old in "labor" bombshell. What is the meeting turned into a UFO for crews of Tu-134 and for all those involved in the events?

Winter 1985 "Work" gave the world a real sensation. In its issue of January 30 at the third page was published a short notice "Exactly at 4.10 …", which literally blew the information space.

The newspaper then output 20 million copies, but for dinner at the kiosks it was not. The next day the material reprinted leading news agencies and mainstream media around the world. Those Soviet readers, who then was lucky to handle cherished number of "work", is still kept as a relic yellowed newspaper.

"To recognize the fact erroneous and harmful"

In this paper discussed as much about the visit of aliens. Late at night the Tu-134 of the Estonian Civil Aviation Authority, manned crew commander Igor Cherkashina in the skies over Belarus met with UFOs.

UFO oddly changed shape, turning it into a multi-colored cloud, in the likeness of the unknown aircraft, blindingly bright beam alternately illuminated the night sky, the earth, the cabin liner. As it turned out, a similar picture of the crew saw Georgian oncoming plane heading from Leningrad — Tbilisi, observed the object on their radar and ground services. Information on the meeting with the UFO was immediately classified, all had a relationship to the mysterious stories have given to sign an NDA.

Today, the tabloid press and then presents these stories that have long no one takes seriously. In Soviet times the written word, and in a very large-circulation newspapers in the country, the reader believe. Higher authorities strictly followed to the newspapers published only reliable information — tested and approved for publication. That is why the fact of the appearance in the "Proceedings" of the material, based on a story by the Estonian pilots plane bombshell.

And the first blast wave has covered all those involved in the preparation of the material. Strict penalties were Vostrukhin author, editor of Science Belitsky, the duty editor Emelyanov, editor Kravchenko. "Work" was then a trade union newspaper, and the Secretariat of the All, convened an emergency meeting, ordered: "To recognize the fact of the publication of the article" At exactly 4.10 "in the newspaper" Trud "special correspondent Vladimir Vostrukhin mistaken and harmful."

Still, let's not jump to conclusions. Even decades later, in the early mystery stories to finish. We are convinced of this, when they tried to find the old heroes of publication and those who were involved with them.

Folk remedy for stress

Traces crew of the Tu-134, we have found in a former Soviet and now independent Estonia. Helped his father Boris, rector of the local Orthodox Church. Among the benefactors of the temple was listed businessman Gennady Lazurin, former co-pilot ship. That night he was the coolest on the board and even left the documentary evidence — had to sketch the contours of a UFO on several sheets of notebook.

We asked how the fate of the crew after the amazing flight.

— We flew together for seven years — said Gennady — until in 1991, after the declaration of independence of Estonia, have not closed our Aviation Administration. Commander Igor Cherkashin shook by different companies, it is now chief pilot for jets in Tallinn "Panaviatik." Jurassic Ognev retired as navigators of the air just disappeared. He engaged in real estate business, and quite successfully. I was one of the organizers of the pilots union. We even managed to join the international association, but then the industry's trade unions were a foreign body — us, activists, and asked the first output. I organized the first transport company air taxi "Avies", which is still alive. And in 1994, the airline has created Enimex Ltd. We are up to 2007, flew to the IL-76 and AN-72, while Europe has not closed heaven for these aircraft because of the noise and the environment. Now do everything on his way, a car "Combat" as well.

And the one published in the "Labor" was almost put an end to his career. We in the unit was closed debriefing, we talked in detail about the meeting with the UFO. And when information was leaked to the press, the crew began to pull to the KGB for questioning. For disclosure threatened reprimands and draw conclusions. Thank you, in the ministry and in the first part the KGB, understood our case did not go to extremes: the crew disbanded, but we all made to work quietly.

I know that for Georgian pilots encounter with a UFO had tragic consequences. The crew members were seriously disease commander died a year later. Why did it happen? Can make their own version. Our plane did not change course, we just reported on the ground all they saw. A Georgian team aboard the Minsk air traffic controllers went over the facility. Maybe the aliens have interpreted this as a signal of danger?

Although it could be a much more prosaic reason. We've got all had two days off. Well, on arrival in Tallinn whole crew, in order to remove stress, deputies went to the hall. We immediately took on his chest a solid dose of brandy, and then when I opened the store, another added. Perhaps it is saved? But Georgians just could not relax, because once went to another flight.

Department of extraterrestrial civilizations

Georgian aircraft crew we could not be found. I would hope for the best. It is known that at least three crew members after a meeting with UFOs seriously ill. Commander
B. Gotsiridze was diagnosed with "bone marrow", he was written off the ground and died a year later. Stewardess after irradiation got severe skin disease. The co-pilot Yuri Kabachnik also soon was removed from the flight. But he had a long time to pester medical institutions, in order to prove that he lost his health in the performance of professional duties.

PhD Vladimir S. in February 1985, personally examined the co-pilot of Georgian Tu-134. Here's what he told us:

— I then took residency at the clinic of Civil Aviation. In our department, expert pilots Kabachnik spent two weeks. He said that the crew received a command dispatcher fly toward UFOs, and after turning the aircraft object sent them a blinding ray.

The pilot believed that they all suffered from this very exposure.

At the end of the Tbilisi Medical we read that Kabachnik been very strong electromagnetic interference. Was absolutely incredible shape ECG: it usually toothed, and he it was sinusoidal, that is to take the form of electromagnetic waves. Roughly the same look and encephalogram. We have sent the pilot in the Kurchatov Institute, where he discovered that he is also a source of ionizing radiation.

With deep expertise in the Academy Kabachnik made it to the higher authorities. He told me that in one important organ has a special department for the study of extraterrestrial civilizations, and there it was placed on record. In the end, he was given a disability as an injured while on duty.

The doctor left a copy of the explanatory memorandum Yuri Kabachnikova:

"The flight was carried out on the assigned flight level 10,100 m Sunny missing. After entering the zone of Minsk RC ATC radio transmissions while listening to counter the Tu-134 with the controller I knew right away he was watching the glowing object located above. Manager came to us, but I said I did not watch. However, after 1-2 minutes of flight dispatcher in that direction revealed a luminous object bright green color. He had at this time a cigar shape to depart from it three bright beam of light.

Simultaneously up from the object departed two expanding light beam of lower intensity. As directed by the Manager, the plane started closer to the object, which is 2-3 minutes turned sharply to the left and stopped. The front beam is focused, and then briefly illuminated our plane very bright light. After that, the beam fell sharply again in the upright position, widened to 10-15 °, again focused, quickly draw a rectangle on the ground loop, then sharp zigzag movements consistently highlighted the entire area of this rectangle. The plane was just north of the village Pleschanitsy, 70 kilometers from Minsk. Plot for subjects was 25-35 miles away — near the town of Borisov.

When passing a counter Tu-134 was subject to the same height, and while we were able to watch it, followed in parallel with a counter left out and was slightly to the right. The object was observed up to 5.10 ".


This is not a legend, but food for thought

Perhaps the most important discovery we made in the preparation of the material: there are many reputable professionals who believe in the existence of other civilizations and UFO visits to our Earth. Here are some testimonials from people who can not be attributed to the eggs.

Marina Popovich, a military test pilot:

— I am fully convinced of the truth of what I write … But in the postwar period, hundreds of thousands of people in different countries have seen a UFO. The same type of hallucination? Mass mental disorder? According to the statistics of psychiatry, this simply can not be! The amount of information on UFOs, collected scientific organizations and groups of enthusiasts, is huge. And the state it's time to seriously study.

Valery Hayryuzov, a former pilot of civil aviation writer:

— In our squadron Irkutsk recalled how in the 50 years of truck crashed AN-12. Before the disaster commander told the dispatcher that straight ahead is a counter board, although there was no locators. The crew tried to dodge a collision with an unknown object, disoriented and crashed into the ground.

Svetlana Omelchenko, cosmonaut-researcher:

— In 1989, I met with Murman Gvenetadze, the only one not affected after a meeting with a member of the Tbilisi UFO crew of the Tu-134. He explained his miraculous escape up sitting on the sidelines when a blinding ray passed through the head commander, hands and chest stewardesses second pilot. They did not think about the danger, just sincerely admired incredible maneuver unfamiliar aircraft.

Alexander Akimenkov, Test Pilot:

— In winter, the 85th we are on the Su-27 practiced missile launches. In front of the cabin, I, in the back — Victor Afanasyev, future astronaut. Brought the target in a given area, but she suddenly lost control and fell to the ground. At this point, flight director said on the radio: "Above you object 600 meters in diameter. Proceed carefully and gain altitude. "

We climbed steeply up to 10, 15, 20,000 — and all the while feeling that the object around. Then he turned around and went to the base — out of harm's way …

But experts are still alive, which were directly related to the investigation of such incidents. Meet Valery Postnikov, one of the most authoritative experts in the field of accident investigation.

— Valery, you are in the Soviet time undertook a study of UFOs. Why?

— In the early 80s I was assigned to a single State Research Institute of Aviation Research Institute near Moscow, where he was secretive department on anomalous phenomena. My task was to prepare certificates for each of these events related to civil aviation. Information obtained here were simply staggering, but, of course, to share with non-authorized strictly forbidden. Research work in this left no time for a personal life. Two years later, his wife an ultimatum: either I go to another job, or leaving the family. And I went back to investigate accidents in Gosavianadzor USSR.

Even before I found the pilot of Georgian aircraft whose crew suffered after described in the "Proceedings" meetings with UFOs. After the incident, the crew immediately sent to study at the Institute of Hematology. So, in conclusion, it was said that science is not known, as there may be a person with a blood formula: meaning the ESR, red blood cells, red and white blood cells, etc.

"I was written off, even though I feel fine — complained pilot. — Help to get admission in flying or even disability. " I spoke to the deputy minister, chief of the Inspectorate of the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation, but both hands only lit … The last meeting was held with the pilot in the kitchen. We drank a glass with him, and I honestly admitted that sorry, but I can not help, because it gave the sign a confidentiality agreement.

— Nevertheless, the "Labor" then turned to lift the veil of secrecy.

— It was an accident, tough oversight system. Up to this day I can not understand how this happened.

— It is not clear why hide what has can not be hidden?

— Apparently, there is agreement on this issue at the level of leaders. It is known that, for example, at the time, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill banned the Royal Air Force pilots tell of encounters with unidentified flying objects, in order not to cause panic in the community.

— Can you name the parts of the country, where most are anomalies?

— We is west of the European part, Murmansk, mountainous regions of the Caucasus, Pamir, Altai. And East Siberia, Lake Baikal area. And a lot of evidence. Including the most improbable. As I told one of the pilots, "it teases." That is the object on the fly to change the form, as in the movie: that grow wings or mustache, suddenly assumes the form of an airplane. Remember, we have to make a complaint, Norway and Sweden: Soviet submarines come in their territorial waters. In response to our Navy Commander proposed Scandinavians drown unidentified underwater objects — we say, just say thank you.

Known for amazing event during a military exercise "Dnepr" in Ukraine. It gathered a tank armada, but the command "Forward!" Single tank did not move — just would not start.

— Can you at least tell about the number of times along the way UFOs our planes?

— Hundreds of times. I can vouch for that.

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