Expert: Volcano eruption in the Caspian Sea can lead to serious accidents

Director of the Institute of Geology, academician Akif Alizadeh said that the eruption of a volcano in the Caspian Sea can lead to very serious consequences of the accident at the oil platform.

As the, director of the Institute of Geology, academician Akif Alizadeh told ANS about the consequences of an accident or leak on one of the platforms of the Caspian Sea and the willingness to eliminate the effects of this.

— Akif Aliyev, if the Caspian happen something like what happened in the Gulf of Mexico, do we have enough strength and experience to solve the problem?

— This, of course, it would be a disaster. It suffered ecology, environment, flora and fauna of the ocean, the fishing industry. All this is very dangerous. But the scientific and technological progress continues. Specialists are able to clearly analyze the process of oil production and to determine precisely the technical and engineering parameters of the well even during its development. This allows you to prevent such an accident and requires considerable knowledge and experience.

Developments in the Gulf of Mexico, of course, was a surprise to BP. The explosion destroyed the entire platform. This danger is always there, especially when drilling the ocean, in moving to the lower layers of the sea. A person should as far as possible to accurately predict the process, scientific basis to minimize the risk of accidents.

— What are the conclusions we draw from this accident, which took over the experience?

— Of course, we have accumulated experience. According to my information, the company BP, engaged in drilling and development of the South Caucasus Basin, has undertaken a number of new technical measures to reduce the risk of disaster. But the other issue is that perhaps we can stop PE in terms of the human factor, but in contrast to the ocean near the Caspian Sea, there is another problem. Most of the deposits in the south of the Caspian Sea were formed by mud volcanoes. As an example I can give you "Azeri", "Chirag", "Shah Deniz", "Kapaz", "Absheron", etc. Predict these mud volcanoes are impossible. They can act on the data platform and lead to major consequences. In this regard, we scientists always advise SOCAR and BP monitoring. There must install seismic instruments, GPS — devices that hold horizontal vibrations. This is to ensure that scientists and specialists to monitor traffic patterns. Such devices in the sea until set. But on the ground there. These devices are expensive.

In this regard, we prepared and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers of the program of activities for assessing seismic hazard and risk of GPS based on seismic data in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula in 2011-2017. All agencies were positive about it. Ministry of Finance, which is to release the funds are still being analyzed program. I hope that their response will be positive. After confirmation of the program at the bottom of the platforms seismographs install GPS. If we can set it all in dry and water sectors of Absheron and Baku archipelago on the condition of the Absheron geodynamic polygon creation, with the help of online-we will have the opportunity to observe the processes. Air exchange process of the land is always under control. We have a problem with that. If we are able to predict it, it will be a great event.

— How will the exploitation of oil and gas in the Caspian Sea on the flora and fauna?

— Recently, our oil significantly improved the development process in terms of ecology. The media does not pass information on spills and distribution of oil. The Caspian Sea is not very dirty oil. The state takes in this direction necessary measures.

— Recently, the country frequent landslides. The landslide was again registered on Bail slope. Why is that?

— Azerbaijan has always been to be landslides. It depends on a variety of geological, hydrogeological and geochemical processes. People should not have an intervention in landslide zone. Impact on engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions are violated, which leads to activation of the landslide area. At the moment there made reinforcement and earthwork. But this process is always in the earth's crust. It depends on the mode of occurrence, and the composition of the layers. There is a term landslide mirror. Clay slips her layers. It depends on the structure of the structure and components of the layers.

— Experts say that Azerbaijan is gradually exposed to landslides

— No, this empty talk, does not. We get information from an installed GPS, the Afro-Arabian plate slightly moving a bit "pulled up" the Iranian plate and reaching Azerbaijan was divided into two parts, that is one pressure to bear on the Absheron, the other in the direction of Anatolia. I want to say that this process is observed. Landslide question is a bit frivolous talk.

— A geological structure Baku allows you to build high-rise buildings?

— Houses can be on the water. The Japanese are building if they have a seismic zone, everything depends on the severity of the technical approach. I think, and we have taken into account when building houses all in order. Now this process is under government control.

— The earthquake in Azerbaijan formed a deep crack. What is the threat it represents?

— This crack is not yet developed. I believe that this movement of the crack depends on the movement of my said plate. It is formed in the south a small crack and it goes to the north-west.

— Absheron cottages filled saline water. Why is this and what should I do to prevent this?

— In general, the water table rose. This is directly related to human activity and increase / decrease in the level of water in the sea. It is a historical process. But this "contribution" brings human activities. That is now the Absheron gardens so developed country house farm, in every country, the site is an irrigation process. This can not affect the level of groundwater. Management of suburban farms should control it. That is excessive irrigation should not be, and if the water level, the water table rises, it means you need to create a small drainage system. Underground to carry the channel in the Caspian Sea. Such work should be carried out if necessary.


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