Extraterrestrials and their race. Photo

Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation (GF) was created more than 4.5 million years ago, in order to prevent the invasion of the evil forces of the other galaxies that want to rule the galaxy. Galactic Federation now includes over 200,000 different star nations, confederations and associations. Approximately 40% of these are humanoids and the rest — other life forms.

The Galactic Federation is part of the Intergalactic Coalition Madar and serves squad Monitoring Coalition in the galaxy. The Galactic Federation also provides necessary assistance planets (civilizations) in their development of the coarse to fine.

In the Galactic Federation there is a document called "Prime Directive", forbidden to interfere with the development of civilization, if she had not asked for such aid. Until recently, this was true of the Earth.

On Earth, many of the documents known GF, mostly — instruction "irrational humanity", including: III-IV-e and e KOH treatment (on behalf of the Coalition Madar), mass kontakterskih material, including "The Interplanetary Federation" and others, in many grounds — the Bible.

In addition to the GF in the galaxy, there are other interplanetary associations, mostly dictatorial device. Such, for example, the Empire of Orion, Draco and ruthless Federation Confederation Markab. Each of these organizations includes one major civilization and captured several planets with their civilizations.
All of these associations say their land. GF from this perspective helps civilization planet with access to the Cosmic Commonwealth on general rights, Orion, Draco and Markab try to attach each planet in its "collection", of course, not as a major civilization. All of these associations need a conscious decision to join the Earth's civilization. This is — an indispensable condition.

Hybrids (hybrid)

Almost all types of aliens differ more interest in human biology. Very often witnesses or victims of abductions describe medical experiments on human reproductive organs. Some tell that they were forced to engage in sexual inter-species communication. Another showed the same embryos or newborns that have resulted from such contact between humans and aliens.
Intentions: The opinions why hybrids created Greys vary among researchers: to create a "superior race", combining the best qualities of the man and Grey, Grey prevent the extinction as a species because of intolerable the use of cloning, or to rescue people. Perhaps they want to move a group of people on a distant planet, because our society is on the road to self-destruction.

Origin: The result of crossing Grays and people
Height: 1.74 — 2 meters
Weight: 40 — 55 kg.
Eyes: Human, blue
Hair: Dark brown, black
Skin: Pale gray
Gender: Male and female
Reproduction: possibly the result of selective breeding between Grey and people. Grey seize the egg and sperm in humans and combine Grey DNA with the DNA of people, specially selected for this to create a hybrid.
Communication: Telepathic and verbal
Characteristics: look very similar to humans; subtle body, high forehead, his head a little more round and a little more than people. "Hybrids" more than other aliens look like people, but they retain the typical aliens gray color of the skin.

Ancient reptiles Earth

Laserty information:
— We come from the local lizards by the natural evolution of reptiles, live on the earth for millions of years. We worshiped the Egyptians and the Incas. Christianity calls us the "evil snake". We — the natives of the Earth, we have a colony in the solar system.
We have an ancient symbol — a blue snake with 4 white wings on a black background is more common — the dragon in a circle with 7 white stars on a blue background in the middle. Dragon means Earth, and the 7-NIL stars — our colonies on the Moon, Mars, Venus and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Two of them are no longer used.

We have a UFO, but many of our UFO and other aliens. There are human UFO usually masked. Our cigar-shaped UFO, 20 to 260 meters, emit a buzzing sound, and have five red lights. If he is seen, then it is negligence or it is faulty. There is a small fleet of disc-shaped ships. Each vessel has a powerful device, which forces people to think that the ship is not visible or is similar to the human plane.

65 million years ago the Earth was a first war aliens — humanoids from the constellation of Procyon and reptoids Mezhgalaktiki over the division of the earth's resources. Reptiles won, using the experimental thermo-nuclear bomb, which exploded in the ocean in the area of Central America. After that came the winter for 200 years. Reptoids themselves because of radiation away from the Earth. For 20 years, almost all extinct dinosaurs and reptiles. One of the extant species in 30 million years acquired the rudiments of thought and a further 20 million years there were the variety, which began to compete with each other. After another 50 million years, highlighting the most adapted species that began to develop as reasonable. They built great cities, improved technology based colonies on other planets.
10 million years ago monkeys — your ancestors — came down from the trees and they are showing the first rudiments of thought. For a long time you would have evolved naturally, but 1.5 million years ago aliens came to Earth Lloy. Their interest — developed monkey, which they wanted to make their servants.

They came from the solar system Aldebaran. They looked like high humanoids with blond hair and white skin. Capturing 100,000 monkeys, they have forwarded them to him, and returned in a few hundred years, more human. These people could use tools and fire. Lloy leave and return several times, experimenting selectively in the development of both individual species and entire civilizations. The first advanced civilization existed 700,000 years ago. We lived with them in parallel, without coming into contact. Old civilizations is nothing left. Fifth civilization left "Pyramids", built 75,000 years ago. Sixth civilization left ruins at the bottom of the ocean near Bimini atoll built 16,000 years ago. Last, your civilization, seventh, bred 8500 years ago. On this in your religious writings.

Between us and Lloy was a long war. The last battle took place 5,000 years ago in orbit and surface. Watch it people describe it as a battle of the gods and did not understand the content. After this war, Lloy off the planet. Whether they return is unknown. But over the last 4900 years on earth came many other kinds of aliens and humanity is in danger. Some use the programming of people of faith in "God." Humanity is not the result of natural evolution for 2 million years is not enough. You are created by genetic engineering extraterrestrial species, created for specific purposes. Who on earth there are 14 species of aliens. 11 of our universe, two of Vnegalaktiki, one of the other plane. Three of them are hostile, others are studying you. May soon arrive 15th race, which is not known. They may have arrived three years ago. All aliens abduct and use raw materials, hydrogen, air and DNA.

Today, as thousands of years ago, we live in an underground cavities at 2-8 km depth, so the archaeological record of us you do not have. Voids, ranging from 2.5 km to 25 km, are connected with the ground and with each other tunnels. We live in large colonies and modern city, built in these voids. The main cities are located in the Arctic, Antarctic, Inner Asia, North America and Australia. There are off-site locations on the surface in remote areas, especially in America and Australia.
Exit to the surface can be a cave in which unusually warm air, the movement of air, the walls, as we move deeper into, become more equal. The gray door are technical rooms, ventilation shafts and triggers. But we will be aware of your presence! Entrance in the cave may belong to a different race, including hostile. For human presence in the caves of the aliens is very dangerous.

In ancient times, people welcomed us and described, were drawn. We use mimicry to contact you. From birth we telepatirovat and use telekinesis.
The author's position — to disclose information about aliens, with distrust of their initiatives to restore its former power of people.

Star Wanderers

Wanderers — nomadic civilization. Has extensive knowledge and valuable resources is to contact and willingly enter into the transaction, but the deals are not reliable. May be beneficial to humans tap, just like a gift. For example, they can exchange the painting "Mona Lisa" for three full headroom for the entire Earth. But can cheat by using their advanced skills.

Zeta Reticuli

Zeta-Reticuli — aliens from the star Zeta have the website Zeta Talk. Left their tortured and settled on the planet Earth. Their mission — to create a new hybrid race of the Zetas and people. The first hybrids created in the 1950s. They live in the water. There is a base in the Gobi desert. Nemizida their planet, the Earth moves to pump resources. It is — it is an open 10 — I new planet on the edge of the solar system. Subject Orions. In ancient times was known as goblins and elves.

According to another classification:
Civilization "Zeta Reticuli" (Zeta Reticulians) does not exist. Most Americans are convinced that the Greys — it Zeta retikulyane. Actually Marjorie Fish made a mistake and incorrectly decoded star map Betty Hill, Zeta Reticuli it is not relevant, this type of system Sirius.
"Goblins" — it is a different civilization from another galaxy, by the way, it is they are responsible for the phenomenon known as animal mutilations (or "strange harvest"). By Sirians (Greys) have no relationship.

Winged reptile

High (6-7 feet), large red eyes, the inevitable hypnotic gaze, in humans cause fear. Energy is negative.
General, the existence of this race of aliens in question, different researchers mean by reptoids reptiles from Orion, reptile from Jupiter, etc., it is not clear whether this different species and civilization, or subspecies of the same race of reptiles from Orion (Federation Draco).
Perhaps the confusion arose from the different places of residence intelligent race of reptiles: Orion, Jupiter, etc., whereas in spite of the completely different location, we are dealing with a space race, however, probably having a different state.

— descendants of Nordic blondes

7.8 feet tall, pale blue skin, bulging eyes, perhaps, distant relatives of the Nordics or Andromediytsev Lyra.

Martian race

Mars is much older than the human race, but at the time failed to secure the proper knowledge. When they came to their senses, it was too late in the evolution of the Martians completely outlived their glands that are responsible for communication with the cosmos. Attempts to recreate them genetically to nothing lead. Martians problem was that, without the use of so-called civilization Merkabah can develop up to a low enough level. And then it turns out to be a dead end. Martians saw their technocratic world has reached such a power that simply destroyed the environment and turned them into his appendage. Biological protective properties of the body are not working and they are rapidly degraded. Then began the struggle, lasting millions of years — not for wealth, but for the existence of race. As a result, to date, in three dimensions remained Mars life in the form of bacteria, nasekomobodobnyh beings and small animals that have managed to adapt to a dead planet. On the other dimensions of Mars has always been uninhabited. A portion of the Martians, who were able to build externally Merkabah, tried to settle on Earth, but failed. Now, some of the descendants of Martians as "Grey", hanging on our neighboring overtones, and the part in assimilating other races, particularly Hibru tribe that settled in Orion's belt and is mostly concentrated at the Alnilama. "Grey", in an attempt to restore a once lost cancer, using humanity as a source of raw materials for their own, so far unsuccessfully, genetic experiments. And humanity is chosen due to the fact that we are at the beginning of development and are not yet guess what have. For them, we like the natives, who on glass beads or a rusty knife, you can barter for gold products, and will be happy with it.


Aldebarantsy — a highly developed civilization, for example, can convert one type of matter into another, which is equivalent to virtually unlimited resources, with extensive knowledge of the universe. In the contact comes very rarely, almost never, for whatever reason, are not able to understand.

Alpha tsentavriytsy

Alpha tsentavriytsy — civilization, which is about at the level of the development of medieval land. Newcomers perceive is something like the devil.


Race: Andromedans
In joining the Global Fund: Approximately 3.5 million years.
Location: Approximately 150 — 4,000 light years from Earth.
Type: Humanoids.
Height: 1.7 — 2.12 meter men and 1.63 — 1.93 meter woman.
Eyes: A little more human.
Lips: Thin, light pink.
Ears: A little less than human, and are located below.
Hands and feet: With long fingers.
Communication: Language Andromediantsev varies from dialect, like the Italian-Spanish, to more tonal guttural sound.
Special abilities: in a galaxy known as the master of all forms of science.
The need for sleep: about 2 hours a day.
Navy: The traditional form of ships sombreropodobnaya — a spaceship the size of 15 — 20 meters. Lenticular command ships of up to 800 meters.
Andromedans include two types of humanoid beings:
The first — "Caucasian", which ranges from the so-called a "Nordic" type (blond, blue eyes, fair skin) to the "Mediterranean" (hair from light to brown, eyes gray to brown, leather tanned).
The second type — a typical "East", with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and skin the color from pale to dark brown.

Another classification Residents spoke of Andromeda this:
oldest race in our galaxy. They have blue skin, but when they get older, the skin becomes whiter. The average age Andromediytsev — 2007 years.


Race: Arkuriantsy
In joining the Global Fund: 3.75 million years ago
Location: The star in the constellation Arkures Boots, 36 light years from Earth.
Type: Loshadepodobnye being.
Height: Body deep and subtle: 2,3 — 2,64 m men, 2.19 — 2.49 m women.
Eyes more human, pale blue or dark brown.
Ears: Similar to the horse, but more rounded and smaller.
Hands and feet: In the hands of four long, thin fingers, very flexible.
The coat: color from vanilla to dark brown, a mane behind the head.
Communication tonal language, sounds a bit like the Chinese or Vietnamese.
Special Abilities: The Galactic Federation, known as the master of time (galactic calendars, etc.), great ability in science and philosophy.
The need for sleep: 1 — 3 hours a day.
Fleet: scout ships are shaped diving bell, diameter 12.2 — 23 m Planetary Command ships lenticular, over 22.5 km long.


Race: Bellatriantsy
In joining the Global Fund: Became member 3 years ago.
Location: One of the brightest stars in the constellation of Orion, about 112.5 light years from Earth.
Type: Main — Reptoid, migrated from the constellation of Sagittarius 25 million years ago.
Height: 2.45 — 3-meter men, 2.6 — 3.12 meter woman.
Eyes: Large, red or dull yellow, pointing up
Lips: Fine.
Ears: No, there is only their "footprint" — a circle of diameter 7.5 cm right eye.
Hands and feet: The hands have six long, clawed fingers. On the feet have five toes on their ends is a small and very sharp claw. There is a small tail.
Skin: Scaly, like a crocodile, and has colors: green, yellow, brown or red.
Communication: Language rough guttural, a lot of whistling and roaring sounds
Special Abilities: Good diplomats and leaders, in the past as part of the Alliance for 6 million years ruled this sector Milky Way.
The need for sleep: 5 — 8 hours a day.
Navy: a spaceship like a beetle or a drop of dew, size 30.5 — 122 meters. Mothership — similar to a long tadpole, 1.6 — 640 kilometers.


Vegantsy — civilization, standing at about the same level of development of the Earth, rich in valuable resources for the earth, ready to share them in exchange for cheap in terms of humans resources, ie may be extremely beneficial to both sides of the relationship, but because of the differences in perception due to physiology, to establish contact will take a long time: 100 years.

However, according to another classification of extraterrestrial civilizations, civilization, called the information Steve Wingate (Steve Wingate) vegan (Vegans) — Vega (Alpha Lyrae), in fact, have a major planet in the system eLiry called Dotume (or Dotumi). Often they colonized six systems and 17 planets in Lyra. They are included in the CM (Coalition Madar) and KOH (Galactic Federation).

Neonatal (neonate)

Neonatal (neonate) — "neonatal" similar both to the "gray" and "rosvellovtsev." They are a lot like people — or rather, newborn babies, hence the name ("neonate" — child up to one month).

Intention: It is not known
Origin: Unknown
Height: Small growth
Weight: Do not know
Eyes: Do not know
Hair: It is not known
Skin: Not known
Gender: Unknown
Breeding: Not known
Communication: Telepathic
Characteristics: a disproportionately large head, long limbs, tetradigitate.

Nordic (nordics)

Perhaps they could be our ancestors, who have long moved to another planet. Nords are in conflict with the Greys — they are against the Grays, because they interfere with the development of mankind. Sometimes referred to as "blond" or "high."

Intention: People, allegedly entered into contact, they say that they are here to observe the evolution of humanity, to preserve our culture and not to interfere in our development.
Origin: Pleiades (star cluster in the constellation Taurus)
Height: 1.74 — 2.3 meters
Weight: 55 — 110 kg.
Eyes: Human
Hair: Blond hair
Skin: Light skin
Gender: Male and female
Reproduction: Unknown
Communication: Telepathic
Characteristics: Nords are very beautiful. Besides telepathy they have even a range of supernatural abilities. General physical characteristics similar to those of men. Growth more than the average height of a man, more muscle than the average person.

Ancient race

"Ancient" is usually described as bogomolopodobnyh humanoids. They belong to the people is extremely cold, and sometimes with great hostility. Intentions: They do not care knowledge and achievements of our civilization. The stories of those who stole the "ancient" differ terrible details of the barbaric medical experiments. "Ancient" is often accompanied by a "gray", as if acting as managers or supervisors.

Origin: Unknown
Height: 1.5 to 2 meters
Weight: Do not know
Eyes: Cool black almond-shaped eyes
Hair: It is not known
Skin: Yellow-green skin
Gender: Unknown
Breeding: Not known
Communication: It is not known
Characteristics: They are very thin, with long limbs and fingers.

Reptiles (reptilian)

Intention: On their intentions and interests in the field of the Earth is not known
Origin: Presumably — Orion star system
Height: Unknown
Weight: Do not know
Eyes: Large snake eyes
Hair: No
Skin: Scaly, like some lizards
Gender: Unknown
Breeding: Not known
Communication: It is not known
Characteristics: the physical parameter they are thin and lanky, with clawed limbs

More detail Reptoids covered in a different classification:
Reptoids (lizards) — growth of 6-8 feet, bipedal, like lizards with smooth skin. Color from greenish to brownish, 4 hpalye paws with brown membranes. Face — a cross between a human and a snake on the head from the top to the mouth is a crest. Visible on the chest outside edge. Eyes like a cat, golden color with a vertical pupil.
Live in the constellation of Orion.
Also, perhaps, reptiles live in the Altair star system in the constellation Aquila.

Reptiles from Jupiter

Some classifications of foreign space civilizations point to the existence of the planet Jupiter independent civilization reptiles. Others associate it with the Reptoids from Orion.
According to some, Jupiter reptiles made a landing on Earth centuries ago and from them may even have occurred terrestrial dinosaurs.

Rosuellovtsy (roswell)

Due to the events in this type of Roswell aliens well known to many, but there are not as common as "gray." According to another classification of extraterrestrial civilizations, Roswell died yet a typical Grace, a representative may, nemarsianskoy race "gray."
"Rosuellovtsy" — command a spacecraft that crashed near the town of Roswell (New Mexico, USA). According to various reports, there were no more than four. Apparently, the U.S. military medics receive medical treatment after the accident and the aliens were studying their physiology.

Intention: It is not known
Origin: Unknown
Height: 1 — 1.5 meters
Weight: Do not know
Eyes: Deep-set eyes slanting
Hair: It is not known
Skin: Not known
Gender: Unknown
Breeding: Not known
Communication: It is not known
Characteristics: Roswell Aliens are more similar to humans than "gray." They have a "children's" facial features. These long-armed creatures have four fingers on each hand, two fingers are of normal length and two extremely long.

Gray — Grays (Greys)

Grey (Greys) — this is the view from the Sirius system Zonneri the planet, but for a long time, escaping from genocide Tiontsev — Blandin, Grace settled and live in a parallel dimension to Earth, Moon, Mars, have underground bases on these planets, and in our dimension, in the constellation of Orion 3 colonized planet. Rather resemble our earthly Gypsy tribes. Greys are a race now performers have Tiontsev Director (The composition of managers are Zonneriytsy (planet Zonneri) and Master (Tionets — blond planet Tyo), the Sirius system.

One of Grays crashed to the ground in the second half of the 20th century, his ship crashed, being raked Cohn during an attempt to interfere in the evolution of humans. That opening of Grace, we can see in the movie "alien autopsy."
Here I would like to pause a little and spoke in detail about the race, one of the populations of Greys, the result of the activities and ambitions of modern civilization which is the earthlings.

Fifteen thousand years ago on Earth happened thermotropic War that final alien races fighting for control of the planet Earth. (Our planet is on the edge of the galaxy close to the edge of a spiral arm, in a very favorable location in space for intergalactic travels. Any civilization, commit interdimensional and intergalactic travel, is interested in the organization on the planet Earth bases and subspace beacon). Then intervened and told the Earth hierarchy of the third level of the eleventh and twelfth overtones zapavednoy zone, setting the taboo on the colonization of the Earth, and the control is given stake. To this end, hierarchy knocked out interdimensional beacon set in the bowels of the planet, the Earth by making invisible. Find a needle in a haystack is much easier than getting out of the subspace at the desired point of HBS (Own Space Frequency) universe without a beacon. And for interstellar travel by HBS, even with sub-light speed needed for hundreds of years, making unrealistic any colonization of the planet at a distance. In these circumstances, have the advantage of Greys, as live on the Earth and Mars parallel world. They do not need to interstellar travel and enough punch overtone to be on this planet, and they do.

Thirteen thousand years ago, the hierarchy has allowed them to initiate a civilization on Earth twelfth overtones (that is, of our Earth). Initialization has been carried out in three locations around the world, namely, the place of modern Tibet, India and Egypt. In fact, Gray repeated the path traversed by Thoth with their friends, took advantage of the favorable conditions. Over time, civilization in what is now Tibet and India have declined, and the Egyptian civilization was the source of the modern civilization Earthlings (or rather civilization Khema, where now Egypt).

At the time, the remnants of humanity were stunted and were semi-wild animal life. Greys used people as slaves by teaching various crafts. Pharaohs were the first representatives of the Greys. Pay attention to the structure of the skull Grace and imagine the possible construction of a hat to cover a head. Now, remember the image of the Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian murals, and construction of their hats.
I am sure that you have no doubts. Accordingly Pharaoh and shaped fashion among close and the mob for many centuries. Later hierarchy Greys forced to leave Earth and let the new civilization to go his own way. Since Greys consider themselves the creators of the modern civilization and attempt to influence the course of civilization process (they can sometimes be) and use us to their advantage.

Another classification of space civilizations
gives a different perspective on their homeland, "gray", and does not seem to recognize their kinship with the Martians, but at the same vreya negative role of Grace in worldly matters is not denied.
Intentions: "The Grey" is most often associated with kidnappings for medical experiments. Gray was reportedly abducted people, extract eggs or sperm to create a gray-human hybrid. While many facts collected and that the "gray" material interest in values of human civilization, and often express a desire to work with us.
Origin: star system Zeta Reticuli (constellation grid is seen in the Southern Hemisphere)
Height: 1.2 — 1.5 m
Weight: 30 — 50 kg
Eyes: Large black almond eyes fathomless
Hair: None
Skin: Rough texture of gray
Gender: There are no visual sexual organs
Reproduction: cloning
Communication: Telepathic
Characteristics: Longitudinal section of the mouth, nose and ears of the standard, a hand with four fingers, between which the membrane, a thin body, large head disproportionate to the body. This is the classic aliens, very fragile in appearance, a disproportionately large head and very long arms.

There are two types of Grey: Small, 3 feet tall, with big black eyes, gray skin with pink spots, like the ten children — the ones from Roswell, and large, 6-7 feet (2.5 meters), very small nose , the ears are not visible, proportional to the length of human fingers. Large Grey have two brains, separated bone wall. Blood is green, when in contact with air it emits poisonous gas with the smell of ammonia, which can kill a person. Gray genetically sterile, new genes to race survived.
Note that the main difference of the second and third classification — classification of aliens from Roswell to a particular species or subspecies of Grace.
All three classifications drawn up by various ufologists, spoke of Grace as genetically inferior, spiritually flawed, but extremely hostile alien race. Their outposts in the solar system almost beyond any doubt, jeopardized the presence of any association with Grace almost extinct Martian civilization. Grace may just captured Mars and built on it their base.
Some ufologists, however, believe that the Greys are a race now performers have Tiontsev Director. This corresponds to the first classification.

In the 90 years suggests that the Grace obey Draco reptilians. But now UFO world accepted that no fighting reptiles Grace subject, however, to a number of sites that are based on the Fourth of KOH treatment, linking Grace Draco and the Federation have been traced. One UFO believes that it is unlikely that by Greys (Zonneriytsev) came any threat to mankind as they are present on the Earth for about 4 million years and control the development of humans, away from other civilizations ("bad"). War with Orion Sirians long over!
In principle, we can not judge, because some ufologists raise the ancient sources, the same Sumerian myths, others get information about mental telepathic contact, others are eyewitness accounts. Political map of even our Milky Way Galaxy is still largely not exactly known, but in politics, and especially in galactic politics three thousand years — a very long time, for which changes the nature of the relationship of races and civilizations, so some information may ufologists simply outdated , but they do not recognize. It is possible that there is a massive and just throw in misinformation.
Another message:
Greys to Orion have nothing, it's the planet Zonneri Sirians. Personally, I carefully examined the "Delo Andreysson" Fowler (The Adreasson Affair, investigate CUFOS), which in this respect is direct evidence. Moreover, Greys are living in a parallel dimension to Earth, the Moon, have underground bases on these planets, and on Mars. synonym for Greys ("Gray") — Sirians — Midgets or Zonneriytsy, they also EBE (extra-terrestrial biological entities) = EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) in Russian abbreviation. Yes, Sirians-Tiontsev had a base in Orion, but long ago Orions them out "kicked out."


Sirians — civilization with very limited resources, leading to a small number of people or just on the verge of extinction. Their other distinctive features: they are very easy to make contact with other civilizations through a special telepathic abilities, and they claim that this ability can master any civilization, but it will take time. Prepared to do so in exchange for resources.

According to another classification:

Civilization of Sirius. In the Sirius system known exactly two civilizations that are either related, or, simply, in close cooperation: blond planet Tyo (Throne) and Gray from the planet Zonneri. Gray — the ones who brought down in 1947 by Roswell.
Perhaps civilization blond once came to Sirius and Vega or Rigel. Also, around Sirius, so to speak, "oshivayutsya" — is unknown whether they live — reptiliytsy who have knowledge about Lemuria (ancient human civilization). Greys also called Zeta Reticuli (System Z Ret. — Z Nets), but, according to some sources, this is just the wrong transcript star chart.


Taukityane — the level of development corresponds to about the level of the earth Neanderthals: Use simple tools that have speech. Additionally possess great speed of learning and change very quickly, for example, they have evolved from apes (without interference) not for hundreds of thousands of years, humans, and for thousands of years — a hundred times faster.

Draco Federation

Drakoniane, the constellation Draco. Basic Genetics Galaxy. Divided into: Reptoids (yascheropodobny) [Zonneriytsy (Grey) fought with Reptoids on the planet Maldek, causing it to become the asteroid belt] insectoid (bogomolopodobny) and Zavrian (like dinosaurs).


Race: Fomalhotentsy
In joining the Global Fund: Confederation Folmahota, neutral star nation, joined 3 years ago
Location: Bright Star Pisces, about 23 light years from Earth
Type: Humanoid Type: rebels from the Pleiades, the first colonized Formaholt 250.000 years ago, are on the 3rd and 4th planets Folmahota.
Reptoid type with Bellatrix in Orion, who colonized the 2nd planet of this system 200,000 years ago. After devastating warrior ended 20,000 years ago, these two types of a confederation Folmahota.
Height: Humanoid Type: still referred to as the "Nordic aliens" ("Nordics"). Men about 1.85 m, the women have increase from 1.65 to 1.83 m
Eyes: Humanoid Type (1): blue or gray
Humanoid type (2): gray or black
Reptoid style: red or pale yellow, with vertical pupil
Lips: Humanoid Type: almost human
Reptoid type: thin
Ears: Humanoid Type: almost human
Reptoid type: none.
Hands and feet: Humanoid Type: almost human
Reptoid type: hands have six long, clawed fingers. On the feet have five toes on their ends is a small and very sharp claw. There is a small tail.
Skin: Humanoid Type (1): light or slightly tanned, blonde hair;
Humanoid type (2): dark brown, or dark brown hair;
Repoidny type: cheshuychastaya on the head is a large bony crest
Communication: Language humanoid type — lyrical, slightly guttural
Language: Reptoid type — guttural
Special abilities: courage and academic ability.
The need for sleep: 2 — 6 hours per day.
Fleet: Humanoid Type: reconnaissance ship has an egg shape, size 18.3 — 26 meters. Mothership — multistory cigar, size 3.2 — 1.920 km.
Reptoid type: a spaceship like the beetle, the diameter of 30.5 meters. Motherships like the amoeba, the size from 13 up to 14,400 km.

Civilization Pleiades

Pleiades. Besides inhabited planets Lyraen Erra of Alcyone and planetary systems Taygetos, in the Pleiades there are two civilizations, one of which — dwarfs — is included in the Black League — the union of civilizations, opposing the Galactic Federation (Cohn) and the Confederation of Madar, which include Lyra, Arcturus Sirius and the Pleiades.

Civilization constellation Lyra

Constellation Lyra. Home Planet — Dotumi, the system e Lyra. Colonized in Lira 6 star systems, 17 planets. The second most important (perhaps) in the constellation Lyra — the system Vega, alpha Lyrae. Population: "Nordics", a tall blond, height 6-8 feet (2 meters). Well developed, muscular, shoulder-length hair, blonde, straight, thin. Beautiful face, figure is correct, fatherly demeanor, careful, kind. The effect of their presence — the warmth, the delight of the outgoing power. Earth-like clothing, fitting. Telepathic communication.
In addition to the constellation Lyra (the colonized it 6 stars. Systems) Lyraen, also settled in the Pleiades, the Hyades, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti, Rigel Orion. Also live on Earth — Hindi from Lyra moved to Maldek, the fifth planet of the solar system, after its destruction live on Earth.

The civilization of Orion

The civilization of Orion. Tall, long-nosed. Implanted (and support) in the world monetary system. Composed in collaboration with Drakonianami.


Race: Tsenturiane
In joining the Global Fund: 1.1 million years ago.
Location: Centaurus: Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri, and the distance from 4.3 to 1000 light years from Earth.
Type: Humanoid and Reptoid species
Height: Humanoid Tsentureane: like people, 1.8 — 2.4 m male, muscular and well-built, women also have a good build, 1.65 — 2.1 m
Reptoid Tsentureane: Women up to 2.4 m, males slightly lower
Eyes: Humanoid Tsentureane: brown, black, blue, green or earthy color, sometimes rounded.
Reptoid Tsentureane: round convex with vertical pupils like a reptile, a light red or brown.
Hands and feet: Reptoid Tsentureane: narrow, six fingers, which end with a sharp curved claw. At 5 feet long with a curved claw toes.
Skin: Humanoid Tsentureane from slightly tanned white to dark brown. Hair blonde, brown, black or red.
Reptoid Tsentureane: cheshuychastaya, spotted, green, and blue or green and red
Communication: Humanoid Tsentureane: slightly guttural, like German, but tonal sounds resemble Chinese.
Reptoid Tsentureane: very guttural
Special abilities: a great strategy often is connected consuls GF. Characterized by the ability to lead a diverse group of creatures agreement, all this is achieved through a peaceful and harmonious
The need for sleep: 2 — 4 hours a day.
Fleet: Above Earth seen 2 types of ships: Multipurpose scout ship has a large bell-shaped lenticular round wing, attached on one side. Diameter 14 m, height of 9.1 m is given by the command ship cigars bulge in the middle. Length of 60 m

Chupacabra (chupacabras)

According to some researchers, the Chupacabra began to visit the Earth recently. However, their striking similarity with chimeras and gargoyles in the Gothic architecture suggests that they stay (or visit) on the Earth for a long time. They are careful and timid, but as cruel as wild predators. There is a theory that they are — the result of a failed genetic experiment alien civilization. Another theory, by the way, claims that the chupacabra — it's an experiment, but the experiment of Earth. For the first time in modern history, they reported in Puerto Rico, in the area of the Pentagon's top-secret military facility. Object, according to rumors, is specialized in conducting experiments in biology. Probably Chupacabra fully can not be considered aliens (reasonable meaningful action of human contact, movement, man-made features on the devices). It's just the beasts humanoid appearance (or animal-like humanoids) that appear from nowhere to nowhere and disappear.

Intention: The creature attacks of wild and domestic animals and birds. Basically Chupacabra appears in Latin American countries. She (it? He?) Hunts at night and attack the defenseless animals to suck blood and disappears. People are discovering entirely bloodless corpses in the woods or a pen. On the body of the animal is a small round wound with a perfectly smooth and round edges (mainly in the neck), through which, presumably, had been drained of all blood, at the scene there were no drop of blood. Sometimes the animals were alive, but has a much crippled. There was an incident which killed a herd of 70 cattle heads. Often animals are found without some organs: intestines, brain, eyes, gonads, tail or paws. The victims of this being visited by many species of animals, from birds to livestock.
Origin: Unknown
Height: 1.2 — 1.8 m
Weight: 50 — 60 kg
Eyes red, oval, with sharp edges
Hair: None
Skin: Dark brown
Gender: Unknown
Reproduction: Unknown
Communication: Unknown
Characteristics: There are two thin sharp fangs, and some witnesses have reported that there is a pair of wings, on the back is a crest, glowing in the dark paws pereponchastye with three fingers.


Eridanyane — hostile civilization that tries to fight with almost all others with whom I established trade relations. Trade relations with it as too difficult to conduct, because by hook or by crook tries to lure the greatest benefit for themselves.

Category: UFOs and aliens

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