F-35B makes first vertical takeoff

F-35B makes first vertical takeoff
Non-long fighter takeoff and vertical landing STOVL (Short Takeoff / Vertical Landing) F-35B «Lightning II» performed first vertical takeoff.
The tests were conducted at an air station U.S. Navy Patuxent River. Said about this company «Lockheed Martin», the developer of the aircraft.

Perform vertical takeoff is one of the many requirements that need to deploy these aircraft in the armed forces. Namely, F-35B must be performed in the vertical take-off where no ability to perform short takeoff.

Lockheed Martin F-35 «Lightning» II — a family of promising stealth strike fighter fifth generation, made by Lockheed Martin in three versions: an option for the needs of the U.S. Air Force — F35A, for the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy England — F -35B, and for the needs of the U.S. Navy variant based fighter F-35C.

First flight of the aircraft made in the year 2000. To develop it according to the 2011 took over 63 billion dollars. Total price applets F-35 with regard to the price development and mass production of cars will be 276 billion dollars.

Project creation of the F-35 is implemented in parallel conducting development, flight testing and preparation of production. As of November 2012 began the creation of the fifth batch of aircraft head of 11 planned. A total of approximately 34 per cent of the planned flight tests. Endurance tests are conducted on all 3 versions of the aircraft, but it is completed only for F-35A. For 2-other options they meant to finish in the fourth quarter of 2014

The program flight test F-35B SKVVP in 2012 made only 55 percent. Was tested in 1075 instead of the prescribed test modes in 1939. Backlog from a planned target flight test F-35B came in the main due to the impact of larger compared with the calculated loads on the wing flap weapon bay, which prevented the planned expansion of the spectrum of flight modes and required additional unscheduled tests. During the flight test some previously filed flight performance properties (LTH) aircraft have been adjusted.

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