Fact or Fiction — Paranormal watch online

Fact or Fiction - Paranormal watch online
Online Web is unlimited variety of videos and posted thousands of photos made by different witnesses of paranormal phenomena. For the study of all of these materials have decided to take Professor researchers specializing study such phenomena.

A pair of triple persons merged in a small team and with the support of the crew television channel SyFy began teaching videos available on the network. A team of researchers led by Ben Hansen, who worked in the past for the FBI.

Roller per roll, picture in picture — the researchers sorted out materials that can justify the manifestation of that or any other abnormality. As soon researchers encounter really worthwhile evidence, they eagerly accepted it for the paranormal phenomenon and try to figure out whether this story is true or just another fake.

Fact or look fiction — Paranormal Online

Season 1

Season 2

UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and phenomena

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