Failures in Kherson follow one another

Failures in Kherson follow one anotherLast week, in Kherson recorded two major accidents in the South gravity collector sewer. March 18 at the corner of Schmidt and Sacco and Vanzetti was sinking roadway.

Sometimes on the road driving a tractor, which landed in the resulting fracture. Fortunately, neither the driver nor tehsredstvo not injured. Tractor driver came to the aid of rescue officers to tow.

Three days later, on March 21, another gap formed at the corner of Peace and Berislav highway — one of the busiest highways in Kherson. According to experts, there is a collector at a depth of 7 meters, while ground water accumulates only at a depth of 1.5-2 meters, so the risk of subsidence is very high. Accident site is fenced, currently there are two operating pumps, bilge water. Public Relations Department of the City Council said that the restoration of damaged areas caused by specialists from neighboring Nikolaev — enterprise "Ukrspetsoborudovanie."

Emergencies at gravity sewers increased in connection with the spring warming. However, do not heat the decisive risk factor in this problem. Dealing with a chronic deterioration of reservoir networks, because most of it was built 30-40 years ago.

Mayor Vladimir Balance maintains that in 37.5 km of gravity sewer collectors require immediate replacement. For this you need to spend 48 million hryvnia. Naturally, it is expected to help finance the state budget. It was expected that this will in 2010, but the money never came. However, 17 million was allocated to water utility spent to replace 5.5 km of pipes. Another 3.14 million hryvnia isolated city budget. Who will finance this important and urgent work this year — that's the question!

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