FEMA document describes how to deal with an attack of aliens

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has organized production allowances held by the majority of fire departments across the United States, which among many possible events that can occur at any time, oddly enough, are listed and an alien invasion.

Chapter 13 is a 600-page "Guide to Fire Department officials to monitor emergency situations", entitled "Attack the enemy and the potential of a UFO," describes in general terms, how to be in a collision with a UFO or aliens.

The following are the sections of this chapter:

I. UFO THREAT — a fact

a. UFO Discussion — why now?

b. Introduction to the UFO

c. UFO — what are they like?

d. UFO classification system

e. UFO shape

f. History of UFOs

g. Organizations involved in the UFO

h. The reasons for secrecy

i. Objectives pursued by UFO


a. Types of risks associated with UFOs

b. The impact of the force field

c. Disruption of communication systems

d. Local power outages

e. Fireballs over Syracuse and their connection with the termination of electricity supply

f. UFOs and the threat of panic

g. Threat to the individual — physiological

III. UFO — emergency procedures

Instructions written by two retired firefighters, could be part of a broader psychological operation — an element of stage invasion in the style of the "Blue Ray" and government propaganda, conceived in order to accelerate the implementation of its program of establishing the total world domination — or could be made in connection with the impending future threat of aliens, known to our government.

Indeed, President Reagan hinted at a threat from outer space could actually rally the world, saying:

"What if everyone in the world, we have found that we are under threat from the outside — from the forces of the cosmos, from another planet?" And then he stepped up his idea, adding that it would have erased all the difference, and that the "citizens of the world" "would unite to combat the threat of an emergency …".

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