Fifth-generation fighter PAK FA T-50 has successfully passed an important test phase

In the Russian army completed its first phase of testing multipurpose fighter of the 5th generation. Behind the years of research and hundreds of flights. Until now, many characteristics of the T-50 remains a mystery. As the designers say, is not a secret is that our plane on the basic parameters of the best foreign analogues. Moreover, it has surpassed even the expectations of its developers.

Before the advent of the T-50 the most advanced aircraft of the fifth generation was considered an American F-22 Raptor. But the Russian fighter today passes him on several parameters: it can reach speeds of 500 kilometers per hour more he easier, and can fly further. But the main thing, of course, is hidden inside.

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First impression: the planes do not fly they can not. But when at the helm of a supernova fighter T-50 experienced pilots perform aerobatics, it becomes clear: there can, how.

Modern combat vehicles will never be the same. Now this is a fighter and attack aircraft and bombers, which can carry out any task. In the sky plane of the fifth generation. It means he's "invisible" (that is invisible to enemy radar), it means that the fastest (top speed of more than 2,500 kilometers per hour), then with artificial intelligence (he thinks and makes operations, which previously had to be take care of the pilot).

"That is, the pilot took off, threw the pen, not even including the automatic mode — the plane still will not go down, the plane smoothly switches to horizontal flight. Though the aircraft tail will start to fall down, the pilot will warn about it," — said the test pilot hero Sergei Bogdan.

And even if something happens to the pilot during the task, the fighter can independently go back to the base and even to land. This airplane pilots generally provide much "on a silver platter." For example, an automatic target recognition.

Boarding fighter — like a living organism. It reacts to everything that is happening around, thanks to a special transceiver elements. They literally sewn into the body of a fighter. It is also called "smart paneling."

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