Fiji Attractions

It is unlikely for a single trip can see all that the rich and famous of the island of Fiji. This Pacific archipelago constantly amazing arriving tourists vast beaches and dazzling white sand, unique tropical nature and the ability to stay away from civilization for some quiet island in a traditional house, covered with palm leaves.

Those who repeatedly visited the islands of Fiji, it is advised to begin acquaintance with the unique nature. Not in Japan, known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it is a new day in Fiji is born. Here, foreign guests, book a romantic tour of Moscow, and the islanders greeted the first sunrise in the world.

Hills that resemble the curtains of green forests, clean rivers, blue lagoons — a real wealth of Fiji. Civilization has no bearing on the nature of these amazing places. The largest islands attract travelers for its unique flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find numerous national parks and reserves.

If familiarity with the unique nature was successful, but the desire to visit Fiji again only got stronger during the next trip should pay attention to points of interest, which are rich islands of this archipelago. Fiji Museum is a kind of historical and anthropological encyclopedia of the Pacific Islands. House from the era of colonialism, where there are nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and banks, you can see many of the city's buildings Suva — the capital of Fiji. Those who ordered the latest offerings from Moscow at a discount and are willing to meet with the life and the lives of the islanders go to Orchid Island, and Orchid Island — the center of Polynesian culture.

Next trip to Fiji — for the sake of entertainment. Searchers discounts pleasantly surprised when I learned that the owners of the local hotels as a bonus by the free night for tourists. Fans to splash in the water and soak up the sunshine to the beach, and fans of active rest will take rods or put on your scuba gear. Some even go to sea cruise. Short walk on the ship will see even remote villages of natives. Flying fish do not exist only in science fiction films and fairy tales. You can meet them, even under the deck of the vessel, which cuts through the water surface.

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